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Volume 88, Issue 6, 2024

Accepted for publication on February 26, 2024

Thematic issue “Quantum Optics and Coherent Spectroscopy”

Multiparameter quantum metrology with bright solitons
A. P. Alodjants, D. V. Tsarev, S. V. Osipov, M. S. Podoshvedov, S. P. Kulik

Simulation of atomic motion by random shift of transition frequencies in the method of coupled dipoles
A. P. Ammosov, G. V. Voloshin, Ya. A. Fofanov, I. M. Sokolov

Optical dynamics of a supercrystal of V-type quantum emitters:  effects of the electronic states’ dephasing
D. Ya. Bayramdurdyev, R. F. Malikov

Atom-photon cluster in nonlinear and quantum optics
A. M. Basharov

Peculiarities of the biological action of intense laser pulses at the molecular level
A. N. Bugay

Spatial coherence of exciton-polaritonic Bose-Einstein condensates
N. V. Kuznetsova, D. V. Makarov, N. A. Asriyan, A. A. Elistratov, Yu. E. Lozovik

NaYF4: Yb, Er based nanosensors testing for temperature measurements in biological media
A. V. Leontyev, L. A. Nutrdinova, E. O. Mityushkin, A. G. Shmelev, D. K. Zharkov,
V. V. Andrianov, L. N. Muranova, Kh. L Gainutdinov, V. G. Nikiforov

Three-Airy beams and their autofocusing plane
D. V. Prokopova, E. G. Abramochkin

Klyshko method for analog photodetectors and absolute measurement of the photon numbers
P. A. Prudkovskii, D. A. Safronenkov, G. Kh. Kitaeva

Spatial selectivity of the four-wave radiation converter considering the rotation of the polydisperse nanosuspension layer
M. V. Savelyev, K. E. Aleferkina

On the optical autowaves in none-equilibrium media
S. V. Sazonov

Deactivation of triplet states of the metalloporphyrins by molecular oxygen
A. S. Starukhin, A. Yu. Ilyin, T. A. Pavich

Dependence of the values of fluorescence quantum yields for porphyrins and phthalocyanines from the effects of reabsorption
A. S. Starukhin, V. V. Kouhar, V. S. Shershan, T. A. Pavich

Generation of terahertz radiation by atomic systems at various frequency ratios of two-color laser fields components
S. Yu. Stremoukhov

Performance of quantum repeaters using multimode Schrödinger cat states
R. Goncharov, A. D. Kiselev, V. Egorov

Superradiation in a medium consisting of two ultra-thin layers, considering the influence of homogeneous and inhomogeneous spectral line broadening
I. V. Ryzhov, E. S. Kovyneva, A. M. Devyatkov

Atom optics with cold bosons
V. I. Yukalov, E. Р. Yukalova

Thematic issue “Luminescence and Laser Physics”

Lasing from molecular nitrogen ions in laser plasma
V. F. Losev, I. A. Zyatikov

Fluorescent research of antibiotic phototransformation in aqueous solution
N. P. Bezlepkina, O. N. Tchaikovskaya, E. N. Bocharnikova

Photophysical properties of phosphors based on 3-(1,3-benzothiazol-2-yl)-4-hydroxybenzenesulfonic acid
E. V. Parfenova, N. V. Slyusarenko, S. V. Kulagin, F. N. Tomilin,
A. V. Rogova, E. A. Slyusareva

Ground station efficiency for quantum communications
K. A. Barbyshev, A. V. Duplinsky, A. V. Khmelev, V. L. Kurochkin

Optimized frequency recovery of the satellite quantum signal
A. N. Chernov, A. V. Khmelev, V. L. Kurochkin

Improving length estimation of the secret key in satellite-to-ground quantum channel
E. I. Ivchenko, A. V. Khmelev, V. L. Kurochkin

Luminescence systems in diamond at 489 nm
S. V. Lepekha, E. A. Vasilev, A. S. Kobuzov, D. A. Zedgenizov

Effect of temperature on photoluminescence of CdSe/ZnS quantum dots in biopolymer composite with erythrosine B
N. V. Slyusarenko, M. A. Gerasimova, E. V. Parfenova, E. A. Slyusareva

Photoluminescence with quasi-white spectrum in LiF–UO2 crystals with color centers
L. I. Shchepina, N. A. Ivanov, V. A. Erofeeva, L. I. Ruzhnikov

Thematic issue “Fundamental Problems of Opto- and Microelectronics”

Optical sensor based on defective photonic crystal for non-binary multicomponent mixtures
I. M. Efimov, A. A. Malinchenko, N. A. Vanyushkin, S. S. Golik, A. H. Gevorgyan

Fiber optic sensor for cryogenic liquids
Y. A. Konin, A. A. Petrov, A. V. Perminov, V. A. Starikova, A. Y. Petukhova,
A. G. Smolnikov, A. S. Lucenko, V. S. Trushnikov

Intelligent power supply system with power transmission via optical fiber
A. A. Garkushin, V. V. Krishtop, S. A. Storozhev, I. L. Volkhin, E. V. Nifontova,
E. V. Urbanovich, D.A. Kustov, I. V. Kadochikov

Estimating detection depth of hydrodynamic structures in water through above-surface optical information analysis
N. A. Lipinskaya, P. A. Salyuk

On the optical field confinement at the anapole mode in nanohole silicon metasurfaces
A. V. Panov

Mathematical model of radiation scattering on quasi-periodic microstructure in optical fiber
A. Y. Petukhova, A. V. Perminov, V. A. Starikova, Y. A. Konin

Volume 88, Issue 7, 2024

Accepted for publication on March 29, 2024

Thematic issue “Luminescence and Laser Physics”

Nonlocal effects in the method of integral equations of the theory of liquids
Y. V. Agrafonov, I. S. Petrushin

Nonlinear excitation of luminescence of wide-gap crystals by femtosecond laser emission
V. I. Baryshnikov, O. V. Goreva, T. A. Kolesnikova, O. L. Nikonovich, Yu. A. Murzina

About the precursors defects influence on structural and optical properties of borosilicate glass containing rare-earth ions
E. V. Malchukova, V. S. Levitskiy, N. G. Tyurnina, Z. G. Tyurnina

Limits of laser cooling of light alkaline metals in polychromatic light field
R. Ya. Ilenkov, O. N. Prudnikov, A. V. Taichenachev, V. I. Yudin

Kinetics and quantum trajectories of luminescence intensity of single-color centers in sodium fluoride crystals
E. A. Protasova, A. L. Rakevich, E. F. Martynovich

New color centers in short-wave range in sodium and lithium fluorides
N. T. Maksimova, D. D. Miroshnik, A. I. Evdokimova

Spectral luminescent properties of alkaline earth fluoride crystals implanted with silver ions
V. L. Paperny, A. A. Chernykh, A. S. Ischenko, S. V. Murzin,
A. S. Myasnikova, R. Yu. Shendrik, E. F. Martynovich, V. P. Dresvyanskiy

Comparison of second harmonic generation efficiency in alumo- and germanosilicate glasses at volumetric optical poling
L. I. Vostrikova, I. A. Kartashev

Thematic issue “Spin physics, spin chemistry and spin technologies”

Experimental study of the proximity effect in thin-film heterostructures with varying thickness of the superconducting lead layer
А. А. Kаmаshev, A. A. Validov, A. D. Arbuzov, N. N. Garif’yanov, I. А. Gаrifullin

The study of temperature-induced uniaxial deformations in planar ferromagnetic microparticles by ferromagnetic resonance and probe microscopy
N. I. Nurgazizov, D. A. Bizyaev, A. P. Chuklanov, A. A. Bukharaev,
L. V. Bazan, V. Ya. Shur, A. R. Akhmatkhanov

Synthesis, magnetic properties, and modelling of remagnetization of an artificial antiferromagnet based on L10-PdFe
M. V. Pasynkov, I. V. Yanilkin, A. I. Gumarov, A. V. Petrov,
L. R. Tagirov, R. V. Yusupov

Photo-stimulated EPR spectroscopy of oxygen defects in a rutile (TiO2) crystal irradiated with Ar ions
A. A. Sukhanov, V. F. Valeev, V. I. Nuzhdin, R. I. Khaibullin

Comparison of the nuclear spin relaxation in magnetic Cu(II) and nonmagnetic Ni(II)-(bis)oxamato complexes
Yu. V. Slesareva, E. L. Vavilova, Yu. E. Kandrashkin, R. B. Zaripov

Development of MRI equipment and techniques for research of biological and agricultural objects
Ya. V. Fattakhov, V. L. Odivanov, A. A. Bayazitov,
A. R. Fakhrutdinov, V. A. Shagalov

Ferromagnetic resonance and the spin Hall effect in the Fe3Al/Pt bilayer
A. Kh. Kadikova, B. F. Gabbasov, I. V. Yanilkin, A. I. Gumarov, D. G. Zverev,
A. G. Kiiamov, L. R. Tagirov, R. V. Yusupov

Relaxation of multiple-quantum coherences in dipolar coupled 1H spin pairs in gypsum
E. B. Fel’dman, E. I. Kuznetsova, A. V. Fedorova, K. V. Panicheva,
S. G. Vasil’ev, A. I. Zenchuk

Structure, conformation and self-association of the alumolanes and borolanes spiro fused with terpenes
T. V. Tyumkina, S. M. Idrisova, R. R. Nurislamova, L. I. Tulyabaeva

Li3V2(PO4)3-based cathode materials for Li-ion batteries: time evolution of the vanadium valence state
A. R. Yagfarova, I. V. Yatsyk, D. V. Mamedov, Y. A. Deeva,
A. M. Uporova, T. I. Chupakhina, S. M. Khantimerov, T. P. Gavrilova

Modification of the implanted silicon surface by a powerful light pulse
B. F. Farrakhov, Ya. V. Fattakhov, A. L. Stepanov

Crystal structure and EPR spectra of Mn2.25Co0.75BO5
R. M. Eremina, E. M. Moshkina, I. V. Yatsyk, V. A. Shustov

Superconducting properties of Co1/Cu/Co2/Cu/Pb heterostructure on piezoelectric substrate PMN-PT
А. А. Kаmаshev, A. A. Validov, S. A. Bol’shakov, N. N. Garif’yanov, I. А. Gаrifullin

Features of the temperature dependence of the spectra of spin waves in a thin Pd-Fe film of gradient composition
I. V. Yanilkin, A. I. Gumarov, B. F. Gabbasov, R. V. Yusupov, L. R. Tagirov

Synthesis and magnetic properties of Fe1.1Ga0.9O3 measured by electron spin resonance technique
I. V. Yatsyk, R. M. Eremina, E. M. Moshkina, R. G. Batulin, A. V. Shestakov

Magnetization of a system of high-spin ions in zero magnetic field with microwave pulses at finite temperatures
M. R. Arifullin, V. L. Berdinskiy

Influence of substitute in the ligand and counterion on the properties of heptanuclear iron complex
E. E. Batueva, A. R. Sharipova, E. N. Frolova, L. I. Savostina, L. V. Bazan,
M. A. Cherosov, R. G. Batulin, O. A. Turanova, A. N. Turanov

Viscous friction in a coaxial layer of magnetic fluid under uniform translational motion of walls
A. S. Ivanov, M. A. Koskov, S. A. Somov

Features of the behavior of the superconducting spin valve Fe1/Cu/Fe2/Cu/Pb on a piezoelectric substrate
А. А. Kаmаshev, A. A. Validov, N. N. Garif’yanov, S. А. Bolshakov,
R. F. Mamin, I. А. Gаrifullin

Comparative study of the structure and electromagnetic characteristics of manganites doped with cation pairs (Fe, Zn), (Fe, Co), (Fe, Mg)
A. G. Badelin, V. K. Karpasyuk, S. Kh. Estemirova

Volume 88, Issue 8, 2024

Accepted for publication on April 29, 2024

Thematic issue “Fundamental problems and applications of physics of atomic nucleus”

Study of structure of 9Be nucleus in alpha-cluster model by hyperspherical functions method
A. S. Bazhin, V. V. Samarin

High-excited states of neutron-rich isotopes of light nuclei
Yu. B. Gurov, V. G. Sandukovsky, M. V. Tel’kushev, B. A. Chernyshev

On distributions of neutrons from (γ, n)-reactions in energy and angles on γ beams of backward Compton scattering at Eγ ≲ 40 MeV
A. M. Lapik, L. Z. Dzhilavyan, S. S. Belyshev, V. V. Varlamov,
A. A. Kuznetsov, A. L. Polonski, A. V. Rusakov, V. I. Shvedunov

Formation of complex particles at absorption of π-meson in a “live” silicon target
Yu. B. Gurov, S. A. Evseev, S. V. Rozov, V. G. Sandukovsky, B. A. Chernyshev

Difference between distributions of intermediate and slow neutron flux from photoneutron source exit channel
S. I. Potashev, Yu. M. Burmistrov, A. I. Drachev, A. A. Kasparov, V. N. Ponomarev

On testing of threshold SiO2 aerogel Cherenkov detectors on cosmic rays (simulation and measurements)
A. M. Lapik, L. Z. Dzhilavyan, V. P. Lisin, A. L. Polonski,
V. N. Ponomarev, N. V. Rudnev, A. V. Rusakov

Reliability of cross sections of photoneutron reactions on 51V and 59Co in experiments with bremsstrahlung
V. V. Varlamov, A. I. Davydov, I. A. Mostakov

Simulation of cluster decay of light nuclei under the interaction of 9Be nucleus with fast neutrons in ionization chamber
V. M. Skorkin, S. I. Potashev, A. A. Kasparov

Interaction of solar neutrinos with 128Te и 130Te
Yu. S. Lutostansky, A. N. Fazliakhmetov, B. K. Lubsandorzhiev, N. A. Belogortseva,
G. A. Koroteev, A. Yu. Lutostansky, V. N. Tikhonov

Modeling and selection of the optimal experiment conditions to determine the low-energy parameters of the np-interaction in the nd-breakup reaction at a neutron energy of 5 MeV
A. A. Kasparov, M. V. Mordovskoy, A. A. Afonin, D. G. Tsvetkovich

Silicon detector systems for investigations of superdense nuclear matter at the
NICA collider
V. I. Zherebchevsky, V. P. Kondratiev, V. V. Vechernin, N. A. Maltsev,
S. N. Igolkin, G. A. Feofilov, V. V. Petrov, S. Yu. Torilov, N. А. Prokofiev, S. N. Belokurova, E. O. Zemlin, D. A. Komarova

Assessment of moments of inertia of fragments of binary fission
S. G. Kadmensky, D. E. Lyubashevsky, A. A. Pisklyukov

Angular and spin distributions of primary fission fragments
S. G. Kadmensky, D. E. Lyubashevsky, A. A. Pisklyukov, D. A. Stepanov

Estimation of the number of multiple registrations of prompt fission neutrons with a multi-modular neutron detector based on a liquid scintillator BC-501
O. Sidorova, Sh. Zeynalov

Dynamical modelling of clustering in multimodal heavy nuclei fission
Y. V. Ivanskiy, A. V. Unzhakova

Searching for point emission centers by atomic force microscopy methods on the cathode of a multi-wire proportional chamber
G. E. Gavrilov, М. E. Buzoverya, A. Yu. Arkhipov, A. A. Dzyuba,
I. A. Karpov, O. E. Maev, M. V. Suyasova

Schrödinger equation and quantum shock waves when describing collisions of atomic nuclei
A. T. D’yachenko, I. A. Mitropolsky

Probing open charm production with ALICE-3 detector at LHC-HL
M. V. Malaev, V. G. Riabov

Results of physical start-up second stage for research nuclear facility BR-K1M
I. M. Piskorskiy, A. V. Arapov, A. V. Danilov, A. A. Devyatkin,
A. V. Zhirnov, I. A. Kirilin, N. A. Krasavin, A. Ye. Nikiforov, G. N. Pikulina, A. B. Sokolov, K. A. Savasichev, V. A. Yukhnevich

Nuclear scanning microprobe in the study of silicon carbide epilayers
M. E. Buzoverya, I. A. Karpov, A. Yu. Arkhipov,
D. A. Skvortsov, V. A. Neverov, B. F. Mamin

Low-energy ternary fission of actinides with nucleons and light charged particles emission
L. V. Titova, S. G. Kadmensky, Ya. O. Otvodenko, E. S. Petrykina

Estimation of accuracy of determining the number of nucleons – spectators by the energy recorded in the calorimeter in A+A collisions
F. F. Valiev, V. V. Vechernin, G. A. Feofilov

Hardware implementation and testing of 4-channel fast electronics for a MCP detector
F. F. Valiev, N. I. Kalinichenko, N. A. Makarov, G. A. Feofilov

The possibility of finding the P-symmetry breaking decay of the charged a0 meson
V. N. Kovalenko, V. V. Petrov

Measurement of 9Be(dxt) reaction total cross sections by  secondary activation and spectroscopy methods
L. N. Generalov, I. А. Кarpov

19F(dxt)18F reaction cross sections
L. N. Generalov, V. A. Zherebtsov, S. M. Selyankina

Volume 88, Issue 9, 2024

Accepted for publication on May 31, 2024

Thematic issue “Condensed Matter Physics”

Structure and lattice dynamics of rare-earth zirconates R2Zr2O7(R=La-Lu): ab initio calculation
V. A. Chernyshev, K. I. Glukhov, P. A. Zayats

Surface tension of propane–methane solution in the temperature range of 318.15–333.15 K
M. N. Khotienkova, V. N. Andbaeva

Atomistic simulation of self-diffusion in nickel grain boundaries
M. G. Urazaliev, M. E. Stupak, B. B. Popov

Effect of magnetic field and temperature on the structure of a two-dimensional magnetic on a substrate
I. V. Maltsev, I. A. Kuznetsov, I. V. Bychkov

Solitons in the semi-infinite ferromagnet with the anisotropy of an «easy-plane» type
V. V. Kiselev, A. A. Raskovalov

Processing data of a pulse thermal physics experiment using Python
А. А. Gubin, А. А. Marchukova, I. I. Povolotskiy, D. V. Volosnikov

Plasma spheroidization of Al–Zn–Mg–Fe–Ni alloy powders for selective laser fusion
A. O. Kuryshev, A. N. Petrova, I. G. Brodova, D. Y. Rasposienko, V. V. Astafiev,
I. G. Shirinkina, S. I. Novikov, S. A. Ilyinyh

Processes in the electronic system of solid solutions of bismuth and antimony telluride in the range of observation of the anomalous temperature dependence of the Hall coefficient
N. P. Stepanov, M. S. Ivanov

Multi-threshold character of spontaneous heterogeneous boiling-up of superheated liquid in a glass tube
M. A. Parshakova, E. B. Lipnyagov

Investigation of the crystal structure of the intercalated compound Fe1/3TiS2 by evolutionary searching and ab initio calculations
A. A. Chubarova, M. V. Mamonova

Extreme physical impacts usage for hard seeds properties studying of legume plants
A. Yu. Belyaev, N. A. Kruglikov, I. V. Kochev, D. A. Krylova

Hydrostatic pressure and cryofluidics pretreatment effect on seed germination and lettuce plant development
N. A. Kruglikov,
A. V. Bystrushkin, I. V. Kochev, S. D. Protsiv, D. A. Krylova

Method of establishing the relationship between grain structure and relative energies of grain boundaries
N. S. Chikunova, A. V. Stolbovsky, I. V. Blinov

Algorithm for finding parameters of equations of state based on the particle swarm optimization
K. A. Boyarskikh, K. V. Khishchenko

The influence of local correlations on the phase states in the model of «semi-hard-core» bosons on a square lattice
V. A. Ulitko, V. V. Konev, A. A. Chikov, Y. D. Panov

Metamagnetism of itinerant electrons in the Hubbard model for the fcc lattice caused by the van Hove singularity
F. A. Vasilevskiy, P. A. Igoshev, V. Yu. Irkhin

Investigation of the influence of mechanical activation time on the formation the Ni3Al-based high alloys obtained by SPS method
L. I. Shevtsova, M. A. Esikov, A. I. Gavrilov, E. A. Lojkina,
D. E. Shevtsov, Ya. A. Merzlikina

Numerical calculation of electric field enhancement in neutron traps with rough walls coated with superfluid helium
V. D. Kochev, T. I. Molilyuk, S. S. Kostenko, P. D. Grigoriev

Thematic issue “Quantum optics and quantum technologies”

Photon detectors and emitters for quantum communication systems and quantum frequency standards
V. V. Preobrazhensky, I. B. Chistokhin, I. I. Ryabtsev, V. A. Geisler, A. I. Toropov

The effect of annealing on the lateral uniformity of Ti/InAlAs Schottky barriers
I. Y. Genze, M. S. Aksenov, D. V. Dmitriev

The effect of structural differences of dimethylamine-mixed styrene dyes of the pyridine and quinoline series on the nonlinearity of the 2nd and 3rd order in their microcrystalline powders
E. S. Medyantsev, N. A. Lobova, A. V. Koshkin, A. A. Ivanov

Chemical and mechanical polishing of CdZnTe substrates with the achievement of surface morphology for the synthesis of A2B6 solid solutions by the MLE method
A. A. Trofimov, I. A. Denisov, M. B. Grishechkin, D. O. Tsaregorodtsev,
A. E. Goncharov, K. A. Gladysheva, V. A. Malygin, A. M. Kosyakova

Chiral film structures based on arrays of cobalt nanospirals obtained by inclined spraying
O. S. Trushin, I. S. Fattakhov, A. A. Popov, L. A. Mazaletsky,
R. A. Gaidukasov, A. V. Myakonkikh

Features of microwave photocondactance of quantum dot contact and silicon field effect transistor
A. S. Yaroshevich, V. A. Tkachenko, Z. D. Kwon, N. S. Kuzmin, O. A. Tkachenko,
D. G. Baksheev, I. V. Marchishin, A. K. Bakarov, E. E. Rodyakina, V. A. Antonov,V. P. Popov, A.V. Latyshev

Volume 88, Issue 10, 2024

Accepted for publication on June 28, 2024

Thematic issue “Physics of magnetic fluids and composite materials based on them”

Features of magnetic susceptibility of a ferrofluid with a non-magnetic filler
Yu. I. Dikansky, D. V. Gladkikh, D. S. Dorozhko, A. V. Kurnev

Light absorption and light scattering in magnetic fluids with different aggregative stability
C. V. Yerin, V. I. Vivchar

Testing theoretical models on experimental data of magnetization of magnetopolymer composites
D. I. Radushnov, A. Yu. Solovyova, E. A. Elfimova, A. V. Chernyshov, A. R. Zakinyan, S. A. Kunikin

Influence of gyromagnetic effects on magnetization of magnetic liquids
A. N. Tyatyushkin

Electroconductivity of silicone-based elastomer filled with magnetically hard particles
A. V. Bakhtiiarov, G. V. Stepanov, D. A. Lobanov, D. A. Semerenko, P. A. Storozhenko

Magneto-optical effect in magnetic emulsions with deformable submicron droplets
S. S. Belykh, C. V. Yerin, I. V. Alferiev

Deformation of magnetic active elastomers in magnetic field
G. V. Stepanov, P. A. Storozhenko

Controlled circuit with a capacitive cell based on magnetodielectric fluid
V. M. Kozhevnikov, I. Yu. Chuenkova, Yu. A. Larionov

Magnetization features of small multi-core particles: theory and computer simulations
E. V. Grokhotova, A. Yu. Solovyova, E. A. Elfimova

Texturing of the magnetic nanoparticle easy axes during freezing of a magnetic suspension under the presence of an external field
A. O. Ivanov, A. Yu. Solovyova, I. M. Subbotin, E. A. Elfimova

Influence of the number of granules on the magnetization of multi-core particles
S. А. Sokolsky, A. Yu. Solovyova, E. A. Elfimova, А. О. Ivanov

Magnetization dynamics of a suspension of non-interacting magnetic particles under the presence of static uniform magnetic field
A. O. Ivanov, I. M. Subbotin

Using magnetic composites to create controlled photon crystals
A. E. Postelga, S. V. Igonin, J. A. Agapova

Thematic issue “Microfluidics and ferrohydrodynamics of magnetic colloids”

Features of the formation of a labyrinth structure in thin layers of magnetic fluids in a constant electric field
E. S. Beketova, V. D. Mkrtchyan, Yu. I. Dikansky

Study of electroconvection in magnetic fluids by dynamic light scattering
C. V. Yerin, I. V. Eskova

Formation and dynamics of droplets in a magnetic fluid in microchannels in an inhomogeneous magnetic field of ring magnet
D. A. Kalyuzhnaya, E. A. Sokolov, G. A. Zhukov, P. A. Ryapolov

On the problem of magneto-induced circulations in thrombosed channels
A. Yu. Musikhin, A. Yu. Zubarev

Heat transfer and vapor bubble formation during boiling of magnetic fluid on a single vapor formation center in an alternating magnetic field
А. Ya. Simonovsky, A. R. Zakinyan

Shape of magnetic fluid surface near magnetic bodies in constant and alternating magnetic field
А. Ya. Simonovsky, A. R. Zakinyan

Dynamics of rising of an air bubble in a magnetic fluid shell in a magnetic field
А. Ya. Simonovsky, A. R. Zakinyan

Dynamics of floating droplets of magnetic liquid in glycerin in a flat channel under the influence of a magnetic field
E. A. Sokolov, D. A. Kalyuzhnaya, A. A. Pribylov, R. E. Politov, P. A. Ryapolov

Motion of a thin layer of magnetic fluid near a magnetizing body in a homogeneous magnetic field
O. A. Sharova, D. A. Pelevina, V. A. Naletova

Study of the dynamics of model magnetic disperse media under magnetic influence
E. V. Bondar, E. V. Shel’deshova, I. A. Shabanova, P. A. Ryapolov

Regularities and mechanisms of composition influence on magnetic and nonlinear electrical characteristics of La-Sr manganites with combined substitution for manganese
V. K. Karpasyuk, A. G. Badelin, I. M. Derzhavin, S. Kh. Estemirova, D. I. Merkulov

Study of hydrogen-bonded complexes in aqueous solutions of acetylacetone using vibrational spectroscopy and ab initio calculations
A. A. Jumabaev, H. A. Hushvaktov, A. A. Absanov, B. B. Khudaykulov, U. A. Holikulov, A. M. Norkulov