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List of open access articles:

202387Supplement 3...Yu. N. Kulchin, S. O. Kozhanov, A. S. Kholin, E. P. Subbotin, K. V. Kovalevsky, N. I. Subbotina & A. S. GomolskyThe Linearly Polarized Light Effect on Maize Development
202387Supplement 1S66–S70A. V. Laktionova, E. A. Dobrynina, V. A. Zykova & N. V. SurovtsevBrillouin Scattering Study of Gelatin Films with Different Water Concentrations
202387121879-1884E. A. Oleynik, E. P. Kozhina, S. A. Bedin & A. V. NaumovCapabilities of Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Identifying Multiple Pigments in a Complex Organic Mixture
202387121762-1765A. I. Ekimov, S. G. Lunter, A. N. Mironov, Yu. K. Fedorov, V. N. Shapovalov & S. K. Shumilov Spectroscopic and Lasing Properties of Highly Concentrated Glasses
202387121761Editorial Board2023 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
20238781118-1122D. Ibadullayev, V. K. Utyonkov, Yu. Ts. Oganessian, F. Sh. Abdullin, S. N. Dmitriev, M. G. Itkis, A. V. Karpov, N. D. Kovrizhnykh, D. A. Kuznetsov, O. V. Petrushkin, A. V. Podshibiakin, A. N. Polyakov, A. G. Popeko, R. N. Sagaidak, L. Schlattauer, V. D. Shubin, M. V. Shumeiko, D. I. Solovyev, Yu. S. Tsyganov, A. A. Voinov, V. G. Subbotin, A. Yu. Bodrov, A. V. Sabel’nikov, Sh. G. Giniyatova & K. A. Kuterbekov Study of the 242Pu + 48Ca Reaction at Super Heavy Element Factory
20238771023-1026M. E. Kalyashova, A. M. Bykov & D. V. Badmaev Cosmic Ray Enrichment with 22Ne in Young Massive Star Clusters
2023876750-754A. V. Babichev, E. S. Kolodeznyi, A. G. Gladyshev, N. Yu. Kharin, A. D. Petruk, V. Yu. Panevin, G. V. Voznyuk, M. I. Mitrofanov, S. O. Slipchenko, A. V. Lyutetskii, V. P. Evtikhiev, L. Ya. Karachinsky, I. I. Novikov, N. A. Pikhtin & A. Yu. Egorov Surface Emitting Quantum-Cascade Lasers with a Second-Order Grating and Elevated Coefficient of Coupling
2023876715-719A. A. Amirov, A. S. Kaminskiy, E. A. Arkhipova, N. A. Cherkasova, A. O. Tovpinets, V. N. Leucine, A. P. Pyatakov, V. E. Zhivulin & V. V. Rodionova A Magnetic Field-Controlled Elastomer Composite Based on Porous Polydimethylsiloxane
2023875541-551K. V. Zolotarev, A. I. Ancharov, Z. S. Vinokurov, B. G. Goldenberg, F. A. Darin, V. V. Kriventsov, G. N. Kulipanov, K. E. Cooper, A. A. Legkodymov, G. A. Lyubas, A. D. Nikolenko, K. A. Ten, B. P. Tolochko, M. R. Sharafutdinov, A. N. Shmakov, E. B. Levichev, P. A. Piminov & A. N. Zhuravlev Synchrotron Radiation Based Research at the Novosibirsk Scientific Center
2023873343–347A. G. Badelin, I. M. Derzhavin, V. K. Karpasyuk & S. Kh. Estemirova Competitive Effects of Substitutions in the La1−xSrxMn0.9(MgyGez)0.1O3 + γ System
2023872145–149A. R. Khisameeva, A. V. Shchepetilnikov, Ya. V. Fedotova, A. A. Dremin & I. V. KukushkinLow-Temperature Characteristics of a Silicon-Based Sub-THz Detector
202286121542–1548Yu. V. Balabin, B. B. Gvozdevsky, A. V. Germanenko, E. A. Maurchev & E. A. Michalko GLE73 Event (October 28, 2021) in Solar Cosmic Rays
202286111355–1360V. A. Khalyapin & A. N. BugayAnalytical Description of the Dynamics of Planar Pulses Propagating in the Mode of Tunnel Ionization
202286101207-1218Yu. I. Golovin, A. A. Gusev & S. M. MatveevFrom Nano- to Macromechanical Properties of Wood via the Hierarchy of Its Structural Units and Size Effects (A Review)
20228691023-1025E. H. Lokk, S. V. Gerus, A. Yu. Annenkov & A. V. LugovskoiUndistorted Transmission of a Useful Signal by Surface Spin Waves in a Metal–Ferrite–Dielectric–Metal Structure
2022868948-955V. I. Zherebchevsky, N. A. Maltsev, D. G. Nesterov, S. N. Belokurova, V. V. Vechernin, S. N. Igolkin, V. P. Kondratiev, T. V. Lazareva, N. A. Prokofiev, A. R. Rakhmatullina & G. A. Feofilov New Technologies for the Vertex Detectors in the NICA Collider Experiments
200973101386-1390V. N. Gurin, Yu. Grin’, U. Burkkhardt & M. V. Konovalov The physicochemical features of binary immiscible metal systems in a new method of synthesis and crystallization
2009735564-567A. D. Panov, J. H. Adams Jr., H. S. Ahn, G. L. Bashinzhagyan, J. W. Watts, J. P. Wefel, J. Wu, O. Ganel, T. G. Guzik, V. I. Zatsepin, I. Isbert, K. C. Kim, M. Christl, E. N. Kouznetsov, M. I. Panasyuk, E. S. Seo, N. V. Sokolskaya, J. Chang, W. K. H. Schmidt & A. R. Fazely Energy spectra of abundant nuclei of primary cosmic rays from the data of ATIC-2 experiment: Final results
2009733291-293Y. Y. Kartavykh, W. Dröge, B. Klecker, G. M. Mason, E. Möbius, M. Popecki & S. Krucker Diagnostics of interplanetary and flaring plasmas in impulsive solar energetic particle events
20087281129-1131E. M. Kaidashev, M. Lorenz, J. Lenzner, A. Ramm, T. Nobis, M. Grundmann, N. Zakharov, A. T. Kozakov, S. I. Shevtsova, K. G. Abdulvakhidov & V. E. Kaidashev Structure and optical properties of ZnO nanowires fabricated by pulsed laser deposition on GaN/Si(111) films with the use of Au and NiO catalysts