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“Известия Российской академии наук. Серия физическая” (Izvestiya Rossiiskoi Akademii Nauk. Seriya Fizicheskaya, ISSN 0367-6765; English translation: “Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics”, ISSN 1062-8738) is a Russian peer-reviewed scientific journal established in 1936 as the Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences of USSR: Physics Series. It presents full-text articles with the most recent results in miscellaneous fields of physics and astronomy: nuclear physics, cosmic rays, condensed matter physics, plasma physics, optics and photonics, nanotechnologies, solar and astrophysics, physical applications in material sciences, life sciences, etc. The journal focuses on the most relevant multidisciplinary topics in natural sciences, both fundamental and applied.

For more than 80 years, the main purpose of the journal is to provide authors with the opportunity to publish and discuss the results of relevant fundamental and applied scientific research, presented at conferences, symposiums and scientific schools, organized by the Russian Academy of Sciences, which are recognized by the world scientific community and interdisciplinary experts. The journal accepts for publishing full-text articles, which are prepared on the base of best talks, recommended by program committees of the scientific events, which are of interest to a wide range of readers. Articles containing new and previously unpublished results are peer-reviewed by at least two independent reviewers and are published in special thematic issues of the journal. The journal is open for publishing of the most authoritative and advanced research results in the field of fundamental and applied physics, obtained in Russia and neighboring countries, as well as from authors from all over the world.

The journal is published by the Russian Academy of Sciences under the conduction of the Physical Sciences Division of RAS. The originator is the Editorial Board of the journal “Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics”. The journal is published by “Nauka” Publishing House. In 2018-2023 preparation of the original layout and publication of the journal was carried out under state contracts by PBC “Akademkniga”.

Certificate of registration of mass media ПИ No. ФС 77 – 82377 dated December 10, 2021, issued by the Ministry of press and information of the Russian Federation.

The journal is included in the List of journals recognized by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and included into the Russian scientific citation system RSCI. The translated version of the journal – Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics – is indexed in Scopus and is included in the Russian Science Citation Index database on the Web of Science platform.

English version of the journal – Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Physics is published by Allerton Press Inc. (Pleiades Publishing) and distributed by Springer Nature Switzerland AG. ISSN PRINT: 1062-8738, ISSN ONLINE: 1934-9432.

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