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Volume 87, Supplement issue 2, 2023
Accepted for publication on October 18, 2023

Thematic issue “Plasma Emission Electronics

Electrophysical installations for electric-discharge technology of crushing materials
A. A. Zherlitsyn, V. M. Alexeenko, E. V. Kumpyak   

Simulation of high current vacuum arc with hybrid cathode attachment
D. L. Shmelev, S. A. Barengolts, I. V. Uimanov

Threshold voltage for electron runaway in a gas diode with a needle cathode
M. I. Yalandin, N. M. Zubarev, O. V. Zubareva

Electron runaway conditions for a gas diode with a cathode in the form of the Taylor cone
M. A. Gashkov, A. V. Kozyrev, L. N. Lobanov, N. S. Semeniuk, M. I. Yalandin, N. M. Zubarev, O. V. Zubareva

Research of adhesive properties of polyethylene films modified by an electron beam
M. A. Mokeev, M. S. Vorobyov, S. Yu. Doroshkevich, M. S. Torba, N. N. Koval, R. A. Kartavtsov    

Numerical analysis of runaway electron beam focusing with a homogeneous longitudinal magnetic field
Yu. I. Mamontov, N. M. Zubarev, I. V. Uimanov

Investigation of changes in the field emission characteristics of the eroded cathode surface after submicrosecond vacuum arc discharges with different current amplitudes
Yu. A. Zemskov, Yu. I. Mamontov, I. V. Uimanov

Density distribution in the surface plasma produced by a skin explosion of a copper cylindrical conductors
N. A. Labetskaya, I. M. Datsko, S. A. Chaikovsky, V. A. Vankevich, V. I. Oreshkin

Effects of a high-intensity electron beam on an antibiotic in aqueous solution
O. N. Tchaikovskaya, E. N. Bocharnikova, V.I. Solomonov, A. S. Makarova, A. N. Orlov, V. V. Osipov, S. A. Chaikovsky

Application of laser radiation for control of RADAN compact pulse generator
A. I. Lipchak, N. B. Volkov, I. S. Turmyshev, E. A. Chingina

Dynamics of the wire discharge anode plasma in an electron source based on ion-electron emission

S. Yu. Doroshkevich, A. A. Grishkov, M. S. Vorobyov, N. N. Koval, M. S. Torba, R. A. Kartavtsov    

Computational modeling and measurement of a waveguide chamber for two photoconductive semiconductor switches
V. V. Barmin, I. V. Romanchenko

Monte Carlo simulation for electron avalanches at high reduced electric field as applied to Townsend discharge current in nitrogen
A. A. Grishkov, Y. D. Korolev, V. A. Shklyaev

Numerical model of a unit gap of LTD switch
V. M. Alexeenko, S. S. Kondratiev, V. A. Sinebryukhov, S. N. Volkov

The energy flux to the substrate in the high-power impulse magnetron sputtering of copper films
V. O. Oskirko, A. N. Zakharov, A. S. Grenadyorov, V. A. Semenov, A. A. Solovyev

Structure and properties of a HfNbTaTiZr cathode and a coating formed through its vacuum arc evaporation
Yu. F. Ivanov, Yu. H. Akhmadeev, N. A. Prokopenko, N. N. Koval, V. V. Shugurov, E. A. Petrikova, O. V. Krysina, O. S. Tolkachev

Mechanism of triggering for the pseudospark switch with a trigger unit based on surface discharge
Y. D. Korolev, N. V. Landl, O. B. Frants, V. G. Geyman, A. V. Bolotov, V. O. Nekhoroshev

Comparative analysis of craters formed on cathode and anode spots of a spark discharge in air on iron electrodes
A. D. Maksimov, E. I. Azarkevich, I. V. Beketov, D. S. Koleukh

Gas discharge device based on a planar magnetron and a plasma ion source
A. P. Semenov, I. A. Semenova, D. B-D. Tsyrenov    

Grid plasma cathodes: history, status, prospects
N. N. Koval, V. N. Devyatkov, M. S. Vorobyov

Electron-ion-plasma equipment for modification of the surface of materials and products
N. N. Koval, Yu. Kh. Akhmadeev, V. V. Denisov, V. V. Shugurov, E. V. Ostroverkhov

Electron source with plasma emitters based on low-pressure arc discharge
R. A. Kartavtsov, M. S. Vorobyov, P. V. Moskvin, V. I. Shin, N. N. Koval, V. V. Shugurov

Reduction of inhomogeneity of the beam current density in the atmosphere in an electron accelerator based on a non-self-sustained HVGD
S. Yu. Doroshkevich, M. S. Vorobyov, A. A. Grishkov, M. S. Torba, N. N. Koval, S. A. Sulakshin, R. A. Kartavtsov

Control of the electron beam density distribution on the collector in sources with a grid plasma cathode based on a low-pressure arc
T. V. Koval, V. I. Shin, M. S. Vorobyov, P. V. Moskvin, V. N. Devyatkov, N. N. Koval

Electron source with a radially converging beam and a multiarc plasma cathode
M. S. Torba, S. Yu. Doroshkevich, M. S. Vorobyov, N. N. Koval, V. V. Ezhov, S. A. Sulakshin, R. A. Kartavtsov

Generation of an electron beam in a source with a plasma emitter in the combined current control mode
V. I. Shin, M. S. Vorobyov, P. V. Moskvin, V. N. Devyatkov, N. N. Koval, M. A. Mokeev

Effect of electron beam source parameters on electron emission from the plasma cathode
V. T. Astrelin        

Formation of positively charged electron beams in the presence of secondary electron emission
V. Ya. Martens

Volume 87, Supplement issue 3, 2023
Accepted for publication on December 25, 2023

Thematic issue “Fundamental Problems of Opto- and Microelectronics

Theoretical and numerical investigation of acoustic cavitation bubble based on the impact of ultrasound frequency
Ahmed K. Abu-Nab, Ali F. Abu-Bakr, Zain Abu Shaeer

Mechanically laser-induced acoustic cavitation in viscoelastic tissue: theoretical study
Zain Abu Shaeer, Ameerah M. Hakami, Ali F. Abu-Bakr, Ahmed K. Abu-Nab

Spatially inhomogeneous structures in a surface-doped lithium niobate crystal for a light beam transformation
A. D. Bezpaly, A. E. Mandel, V. I. Bykov

Optoacoustic effects оf laser cavitation in a liquid
A. V. Bulanov

FeSi and CrSi2 thin films as transparent conductive layers for VIS/SWIR sensitive Mg2Si films grown on Si
I. M. Chernev, A. S. Gouralnik, E. Yu. Subbotin, K. N. Galkin, O. V. Kropachev, D. L. Goroshko, O. A. Goroshko, A. V. Gerasimenko, O. E. Lisenkov, N. G. Galkin

Photoinduced control of phase state of monolayers based on phospholipids and spirocompounds
V. А. Degtyareva, А. N. Morozov, N. L. Zaichenko, А. В. Lyubimov, О. А. Raitman

Diffraction characteristics of multiplexed multilayer inhomogeneous holographic diffraction structures in photopolymerizing compositions with liquid crystals
V. O. Dolgirev, S. N. Sharangovich

Energy states of an exciton in truncated paraboloid in the intermediate confinement conditions
V. P. Dzyuba, A. V. Amosov

Optimized synthesis of Ti2AlC by spark plasma sintering
M. S. Gurin, D. S. Shtarev, A. V. Shtareva, A. V. Syuy

Neural network signal processing of a quasi-distributed fiber-optic measuring network with amplitude sensors
O. T. Kamenev, A. O. Kamenev, Yu. S. Petrov

Universal autonomous module for sea water bio-optical parameters measurement
Vladimir Krikun, Pavel Salyuk, Alexey Bulanov

The linearly polarized light effect on maize development
Yu. N. Kulchin, S. O. Kozhanov, A. S. Kholin, E. P. Subbotin, K. V. Kovalevsky, N. I. Subbotina, A. S. Gomolsky

Ultrathin and ultrasmooth gold films on van der Waals materials
Mikhail Mironov, Dmitry Yakubovsky, Georgy Ermolaev, Mikhail Tatmyshevskiy, Prabhash Mishra, Aleksey Arsenin, Valentyn Volkov

Diamonds with color centers – a novel type of functional materials
A. Yu. Neliubov

Methodology for localization of nanoparticles obtained by laser ablation in liquid
G. P. Pavliuk, A. Y. Zhizhchenko, O. B. Vitrik

Energy approach for description of electron transport in two-dimensional electron systems
Aleksandr S. Petrov

Laser conoscopy of crystal plates with input face parallel to optical axis
O. Y. Pikoul, K. A. Rudoy

The kinetics of the formation of multiplexed chirped multilayer photopolymer-liquid crystal diffraction structures
D. S. Rastrygin, S. N. Sharangovich

Narrowband Photoluminescence in MXenes
A. V. Syuy, S. M. Novikov, G. I. Tselikov, E. A. Antonycheva, V. G. Efremenko, A. V. Arsenin, V. S. Volkov

Dry assembly of van der Waals heterostructures using exfoliated and CVD-grown 2D materials
Adilet N. Toksumakov, Maria N. Sidorova, Aleksandr S. Slavich, Mikhail K. Tatmyshevskiy, Ilya A. Zavidovskiy, Georgy A. Ermolaev, Valentyn S. Volkov, Davit A. Ghazaryan, Aleksey V. Arsenin

Influence of stress state in polymer composite material on acoustic emission signals recorded by fiber-optic sensors
O. V. Bashkov, R. V. Romashko, M. N. Bezruk, A. A. Bryansky, D. A. Bobruiko, T. A. Efimov, Т. I. Bashkova

Numerical modeling of localization of an acoustic emission source in a solid using distributed fiber-optic sensors
D. V. Storozhenko, R. V. Romashko, O. V. Bashkov, D. A. Bobruyko, M. N. Bezruk, T. A. Efimov


Volume 88, Issue 1, 2024

Thematic issue “Wave Phenomena: Physics and Applications

Differentiation of optical signals using an integrated metal-dielectric-metal structure
A. I. Kashapov, E. A. Bezus, D. A. Bykov, L. L. Doskolovich

Research of light diffraction on electrically controlled multiplexed multilayer inhomogeneous holographic diffraction structures photopolymerizing compositions with nematic liquid crystals
S. N. Sharangovich, V. O. Dolgirev, D. S. Rastrygin

Properties of fractal speckle-like structures
О. M. Vоkhnik, P. V. Korolenko, V. I. Mokhov

Optical properties of multiplex vortex structures
A. M. Zotov, P. V. Korolenko, N. N. Pavlov

Fine and rough structure of the frequency spectrum of high-power laser diodes during slow degradation
V. V. Bliznyuk, V. A. Parshin, A. G. Rzhanov, O. I. Semenova, A. E. Tarasov

PT – symmetry and radiation structure of high-power laser diodes
A. G. Rzhanov

Frequency up-conversion of an even coherent state
A. V. Belinsky, R. Singh

On the influence of intrapulse Raman scattering on the dynamics of pulses in a gradient waveguide
V. A. Khalyapin, A. N. Bugay

Non-perturbative theory of atomic systems interaction with intense laser fields
S. Yu. Stremoukhov

Accounting for the energy dispersion of free carriers induced by powerful femtosecond laser radiation in dielectrics
K. V. Lvov, S. Yu. Stremoukhov

Generation of optical-terahertz solitons by a few-cycle laser pulse
А. А. Kalinovich, S. V. Sazonov

On the parametric few-cycle light bullets
K. V. Koshkin, S. V. Sazonov, A. A. Kalinovich, M. V. Komissarova

Formation of quasiunipolar pulses in nonequilibrium magnetized plasma channels
A. V. Bogatskaya, E. A. Volkova, A. M. Popov

Multiphoton ionization in a photonic crystal based on carbon nanotubes under the action of a few cycles optical pulse
Yu. V. Dvuzhilova, I. S. Dvuzhilov, M. B. Belonenko

Electron gun with an auto-emission cathode based on carbon nanotubes for a powerful millimeter-range extended interaction klystron
V. E. Rodyakin, V. N. Aksenov

Investigation of the third harmonic generation in a high-current relativistic Ka-band gyrotron
E. B. Abubakirov, A. N. Denisenko, A. N. Leontyev,
K. V. Mineev, R. M. Rozental

Simulation of electron-optical system for 300 GHz relativistic gyrotron
Yu. Yu. Danilov, A. N. Leontyev, O. P. Plankin,
R. M. Rozental, E. S. Semenov

Characteristics of a distributed location system with an ultra-wideband probing signal
V. V. Kulagin, V. V. Valuev, V. N. Kornienko, V. A. Cherepenin

Broadband rectification of microwave current in magnetic tunnel junctions with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
K. V. Kiseleva, G. A. Kichin, P. N. Skirdkov, K. A. Zvezdin

Phase transitions in rare-earth ferrimagnets with surface anisotropy near the magnetization compensation point
V. V. Yurlov, K. A. Zvezdin, A. K. Zvezdin

Estimation of gas saturated sediments parameters in shallow water using vector receiver
M. A. Ivanov, P. Yu. Mukhanov, А. S. Shurup

Impact of treatment trajectory on the thermal ablation rate and biological tissue volumetric lesion during irradiation by shock-wave focusing ultrasonic beam
P. A. Pestova, P. V. Yuldashev, V. A. Khokhlova, M. M. Karzova

Calculation of fields scattered by inhomogeneous area with a large wave size
D. I. Zotov, O. D. Rumyantseva, А. S. Cherniaev

Use of geometric properties of three invariants in wave problems of hydrodynamics and electrodynamics
V. M. Ovsyannikov

On the threshold value of the vertical vibrations’ amplitude causing Faraday ripples on the charged surface of a viscous liquid
D. F. Belonozhko

Periodic surface disturbances in the concentrationaly stratified viscous fluid
A. A. Ochirov

Dynamics of brain wave rhythms predicts the speed of cognitive tasks
N. A. Brusinsky, A. A. Badarin, A. V. Andreev, V. M. Antipov, S. A. Kurkin

Volume 88, Issue 2, 2024

Thematic issue “New Materials and Technologies for Security Systems”

W-band phase shifter on based on metasurface with built-in pin diodes
A. S. Kazakov, P. A. Gusikhin, I. V. Andreev, V. M. Muravev, I. V Kukushkin

Efficiency of sub-THz – DC energy conversion of a silicon detector
A. V. Shchepetilnikov, A. R. Khisameeva, Ya. V. Fedotova,
A. A. Dremin, I. V. Kukushkin

Multimode light generation in an injection semiconductor laser based on a chiral AlAs/(Al,Ga)As/GaAs microcavity
A. A. Maksimov, I. I. Tartakovskii

The Migdal jump under the quantum Hall regime
A. B. Vankov

Optical spectroscopy of an excited Laughlin liquid
L. V. Kulik

Condensates of magnetoexcitations in quantum Hall dielectrics
A. V. Gorbunov, A. V. Larionov, L. V. Kulik, V. B. Timofeev

Electron spin resonance impact on the longitudinal resistance in the quantum Hall regime
V. E. Bisti

Studying the optical properties of assembled silver and gold nanoparticles for the purpose of creating SERS sensors
A. Yu. Subekin, T. E. Pylaev, V. I. Kukushkin, E. V. Rudakova, B. N. Khlebtsov

A study of SERS-active magnetite nanoparticles with a silver shell
D. A. Gribanyov, E. Yu. Postnova, V. N. Orlov, E. G. Zavyalova

Rapid detection of A-type botulinum toxin using an aptasensor and SERS
O. A. Ambartsumyan, A. M. Brovko

Temperature dependences of the magnetic anisotropy constants of single-crystal inclusions MnSb in an InSb matrix
A. I. Dmitriev, A. V. Kochura, A. P. Kuzmenko, Zaw Htet Aung,
V. V. Rodionov, S. F. Marenkin, B. A. Aronzon

Magnetism and magnetic phase transition in nanowires of diamagnetically diluted superstrong magnets ε-In0.04Fe1.96O3
A. I. Dmitriev, M. S. Dmitrieva

Control of the light polarization in ferromagnetic diode structures InGaAs/GaAs/δ-Mn
S. V. Zaitsev

Stark effect in MoSe2 monolayer heterostructure 
A. V. Chernenko, A. S. Brichkin, G. M. Golyshkov

Thematic issue “Wave Phenomena: Physics and Applications”

On the quantum coherent states of microparticle in a viscous medium
S. V. Sazonov

Chemical reactions rates in the TEFIS database on thermophysical properties of dense plasma
O. I. Topor, A. A. Belov, L. V. Borodachev

Precision computation of one-dimensional quadratures
V. S. Khokhlachev, M. A. Tintul, A. A. Belov

Zitterbewegung damping in structures based on Dirac crystals
E. I. Kukhar, S. V. Kryuchkov, N. A. Ivanov

Photon echo on excitons for the development of nanoelectronic devices based on a quantum-size structures in a thin zinc oxide films
I. I. Popov, R. V. Yusupov, A. V. Petrov, A. R. Bessonov, A. M. Gaia, A. V. Moroz

Dynamics of the electromagnetic field near the edge of a stripe line during its charging
V. N. Kornienko, V. V. Kulagin

Topological laws of the Rayleigh wave scattering on a statistical inhomogeneity of isotropic solid in the Rayleigh limit
V. N. Chukov

Bragg resonances in the yttrium iron garnet – platinum – yttrium iron garnet layered structure
N. D. Lobanov, O. V. Matveev, M. A. Morozova

Transport of non-equilibrium quasiparticle excitations in superconducting aluminum
A. S. Gurskiy, D. L. Shapovalov, K. Yu. Arutyunov

Thematic issue “Physics of Cosmic Rays”

Space weather monitoring with a system of ground-based cosmic ray detectors
V. V. Borog, A. N. Dmitrieva, Y. N. Mishutina

Cosmogenic isotopes in the lunar soil: solar activity and nearby Supernova outbreak
G. I. Vasilyev, A. N. Konstantinov, V. M. Ostryakov, A. K. Pavlov, D. A. Frolov

Real-time monitoring of the behavior of the daily anisotropy vector of cosmic rays according to the data of neutron monitors at Yakutsk and Tiksi stations
A. S. Zverev, S. A. Starodubtsev, V. G. Grigoryev, P. Yu. Gololobov

Observations of solar cosmic rays using cubesat nanosatellites
A. V. Bogomolov, V. V. Bogomolov, A. F. Iyudin, V. E. Eremeev,
Yu. K. Zaiko, V. V. Kalegaev, I. N. Myagkova, V. I. Osedlo, O. Yu. Peretyatko, S. I. Svertilov, I. V. Yashin, A. P. Papkov, S. V. Krasnopeev

Long-lived recurrent fluxes of energetic ions from solar coronal holes
M. A. Zeldovich, Yu. I. Logachev

The galactic cosmic ray intensity fluctuations during perturbations of the solar wind in early November 2021
A. S. Zverev, V. G. Grigoryev, P. Yu. Gololobov, S. A. Starodubtsev

Registration of the auroral near-UV emission by the orbital detector TUS
P. A. Klimov, K. F. Sigaeva, V. V. Kalegaev

Determination of the rigity of the geomagnetic cutoff and simulation of the motion of particles in the earth’s magnetosphere
P. A. Kruchinin, V. V. Malakhov, V. S. Golubkov, A. G. Mayorov

Volume 88, Issue 3, 2024

Thematic issue “New Materials and Technologies for Security Systems”

Parameters which influence efficiency of geomagnetically induced currents generation by non-storm Pc5-6/Pi3 geomagnetic pulsations
Ya. A. Sakharov, N. V. Yagova, V. A. Bilin, V. N. Selivanov,
T. V. Aksenovich, V. A. Pilipenko

Comparative analysis of geomagnetic events identified by various indices
K. G. Ratovsky, M. V. Klimenko, A. M. Vesnin,
K. V. Belyuchenko, Y. V. Yasyukevich

Modeling the UT effect of zonal-averaged perturbations in the parameters of the upper atmosphere for the example of a geomagnetic storm in March 2015
K. V. Belyuchenko, M. V. Klimenko, V. V. Klimenko, K. G. Ratovsky

Features of development of the magnetic storm on November 7, 2022, according to the total electron content measurements
I. I. Shagimuratov, M. V. Klimenko, I. I. Efishov, M. V. Filatov, G. A. Yakimova

Frequency and spectral analysis of pulsing aurora according to the data of the imaging photometer at the Verkhnetulomsky observatory
P. A. Klimov, А. А. Belov, B. V. Kozelov, A. S. Murashov,
V. N. Nikolaeva, A. V. Roldugin, S. A. Sharakin, D. A. Trofimov, А. А. Trusov, K. D. Shchelkanov

On the question of the nature of the observed increase in the flow of gamma radiation during precipitation: the final closure of the hypothesis of radionuclides
Yu. V. Balabin, A. V. Germanenko, B. B. Gvozdevsky

On the possibility of experiments on the excitation of artificial ultra-low and extra-low frequency emissions in the ionosphere by the FENICS installation on the Kola Peninsula
V. A. Pilipenko, N. G. Mazur, E. N. Fedorov, A. N. Shevtsov

Simultaneous observations of very low frequency auroral hiss, aurora, and irregular geomagnetic pulsations at the Lovozero observatory
A. S. Nikitenko, Yu. V. Fedorenko, N. G. Kleimenova

The effect of auroral disturbances on the propagation of very low frequency signals from the RSDN-20 radio navigation system
A. V. Larchenko, A.S. Nikitenko, O. M. Lebed’, S. V. Pilgaev, Yu. V. Fedorenko

Hausdorf dimension of typical very low frequency chorus emissions and verification of their excitation mechanism
P. A. Bespalov, O. N. Savina, G. M. Neshchetkin

Disturbances of GLONASS and GPS signals during magnetic storm on March 23-24, 2023, according to observations on the Kola peninsula
V. B. Belakhovsky, A. E. Vasilev, A. S. Kalishin, A. V. Roldugin

Investigation of the influence of high-latitude ionospheric current systems on the results of impedance measurement in the arctic on the example of the Kola Peninsula
V. A. Ljubchich, Yu. A. Shapovalova

Polarization jet/SAID and plasma irregularities of various scales
A. A. Sinevich, A. A. Chernyshov, D. V. Chugunin, W. J. Miloch, M. M. Mogilevsky

Modification of auroral kilometric radiation spectra caused propagation in inhomogeneous cosmic plasma
V. I. Kolpak, M. M. Mogilevsky, D. V. Chugunin,
A. A. Chernyshov, I. L. Moiseenko

Local variations of the cross-field transversal anisotropy orientation and drift direction in the F-region of the mid-latitude ionosphere
N. Yu. Romanova, V. A. Telegin, V. A. Panchenko, G. A. Zhbankov

Diagnosis of the high-latitude ionosphere and spatio-temporal dynamics of auroral precipitation
B. V. Kozelov, V. G. Vorobjev, E. E. Titova, T. A. Popova

Intensities of atmospheric bands of molecular oxygen in the nightglow
O. V. Antonenko, A. S. Kirillov

Disturbances of the circulation of the lower and middle atmosphere, which can be caused by an isolated mountain array
I. V. Mingalev, K. G. Orlov, V. S. Mingalev

Impact of the meteorological storm in the Moscow region in May 2017 on variations in upper atmosphere parameters
Y. A. Kurdyaeva, O. B. Borchevkina, E. V. Golikova, I. V. Karpov

Thematic issue “Physics of Cosmic Rays”

Cosmic ray particles propagation in the Earth’s magnetic field defined with IGRF and CHAOS models
S. A. Proshin, V. S. Golubkov, A. G. Mayorov, V. V. Malakhov

Effect of extragalactic magnetic field on cascade gamma-ray emission
A. V. Uryson

Signal separation from thermal neutrons in electron-neutron detectors using machine learning in the ENDA experiment
K. O. Kyrinov, D. A. Kuleshov, А. А. Lagutkina, Y.V. Stenkin, О. B. Shchegolev

Ultra-high energy cosmic rays’ fluorescent detector of the EUSO-SPB2 project
A. A. Belov, P. A. Klimov, D. A. Trofimov оn behalf of the JEM-EUSO Collaboration

The expected characteristics of the Cherenkov telescope TAIGA-IACT equipped with SiPM detectors
E. E. Kholupenko, A. M. Krassilchtchikov, D. V. Badmaev, A. A. Bogdanov

Spectra and angle distributions of the atmospheric neutrinos and muons from the charm particle decays
M. N. Sorokovikov, A. D. Morozova, T. S. Sinegovskaya, S. I. Sinegovsky

Sphere project: development of the reflected Cherenkov light technique
E. A. Bonvech, D. V. Chernov, V. S. Latypova, C. Azra,
V. I. Galkin, V. A. Ivanov, D. A. Podgrudkov, T. M. Roganova

Volume 88, Issue 4, 2024

Thematic issue “Ion-Surface Interactions”

Computer simulation of the total energy and the shielding function of a carbon molecule in the first order of perturbation theory
V. P. Koshcheev, Yu. N. Shtanov

Dynamics of deposition and removal of a fluorocarbon film in the cyclic process of plasma-chemical etching of silicon
O. V. Morozov

Determination of threshold values of parameters of electronic irradiation of glass leading to electrostatic discharges
R. H. Khasanshin, D. V. Ouvarov

Modeling of influence of the insulating film thickness non-uniformity along the cathode surface on its emission properties in glow gas discharge
G. G. Bondarenko, M. R. Fisher, V. I. Kristya

The computational model validating of target sputtering in a miniature linear accelerator
I. М. Mamedov, I. А. Kanshin, M. S. Lobov, N. V. Mamedov

Effect of deformation nanostructuring on ion-beam erosion of metals
N. N. Andrianova, A. M. Borisov, M. A. Ovchinnikov, R. K. Khisamov, R. R. Mulyukov

The process of electrolyte-plasma cathode exfoliation of graphite
E. A. Grushevski, N. G. Savinski, V. I. Bachurin

Effects of the microstructure of carbon materials under ion-beam surface modification
N. N. Andrianova, A. M. Borisov, E. A. Vorobyeva, M. A. Ovchinnikov,
V. V. Sleptsov, R. A. Tsyrkov

Radio-frequency ion thruster with magnetic shielding of the discharge chamber walls
V. K. Abgaryan, D. S. Demchenko, A. V. Melnikov, O. D. Peisakhovich

Application of plasma and ion beam technologies to produce coatings on pacemaker electrodes
O. I. Obrezkov, V. A. Bazylev, Yu. V. Martynenko, M. Yu. Nagel

Fabry-Perot and Tamm modes hybridization in spatially non-homogeneous magneto-photonic crystal
O. A. Tomilina, A. L. Kudryashov, A. V. Karavaynikov, S. D. Lyashko,
E. T. Milyukova, V. N. Berzhansky, S. V. Tomilin

Thematic issue “Magnetic Phenomena and Smart Composite Materials”

Modeling of magnetic hysteresis parameters in foraminiferal shells of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
E. S. Sergienko, S. Yu. Janson, K. G. Gareev, P. V. Kharitonskii,
A. Yu. Ralin, T. S. Sheidaev, E. A. Setrov

Ferromagnetic resonance and magnetic anisotropy of 3-d metal wires with gradients of composition
E. A. Denisova, L. A. Chekanova, S. V. Komogortsev, R. S. Iskhakov,
I. G. Vazhenina, I. V. Nemtsev, О. А. Li

Investigation of ferromagnetic resonance heating of isotropic superparamagnetic on the example of biogenic ferrihydrite nanoparticles
S. V. Stolyar, O. A. Li, A. M. Vorotynov, D. A. Velikanov,
R. S. Iskhakov, V. P. Ladygina, A. O. Shokhrina

Magnetic nanoparticles produced by pulsed laser ablation of thin cobalt films in water
I. O. Dzhun, V. Yu. Nesterov, D. V. Shuleiko, S. V. Zabotnov, D. Е. Presnov,
Yu. A. Alekhina, E. A. Konstantinova, N. S. Perov, N. G. Chechenin

Influence of particle size on the microstructure and magnetic properties of nickel-zinc ferrite powder
E. V. Nikolaev, E. N. Lysenko, S. Bobuyok, A.P. Surzhikov

IR magnetotransmission in double NdBaMn2O6 manganite with different degrees of ordering in a-position
E. V. Mostovshchikova, E. V. Sterkhov, S. V. Pryanichnikov, S. G. Titova

To the theory of remagnetization kinetics of magnetic composites
A. Yu. Zubarev, L. Yu. Iskakova

Elastic properties of a magnetic elastomer
G. V. Stepanov, P. A. Storozhenko

Study of the physical properties of piezoelectric fluoride — lead zirconate-titanate composite
V. V. Savin, M. A. Keruchenko, P. A. Ershov, P. A. Vorontsov,
A. A. Ignatov, V. V. Rodionova

Production and electronic transport in thin films of strontium iridate
I. E. Moskal, A. M. Petrzhik, Yu. V. Kislinskii, A. V. Shadrin,
G. A. Ovsyannikov, N. V. Dubitskiy

Striction-induced stresses in a magnetoactive elastomer
O. V. Stolbov, Yu. L. Raikher

Photothermal and magnetic studies of nickel nanotubes for anti-cancer therapies
A. A. Anikin, E. E. Shumskaya, A. A. Gurevich, S. A. Bedin, I. M. Doludenko,
V. A. Khanadeev, D. R. Khairetdinova, V. K. Belyaev, V. V. Rodionova, L. V. Panina

Influence of filling factor on reflectivity and transversal Kerr effect of permalloy-based two-dimensional magnetoplasmonic crystals
D. V. Murzin, V. K. Belyaev, Ch. Gritsenko, V. V. Rodionova

Thematic issue “Plasma Emission Electronics”

Formation of a volumetric glow discharge of atmospheric pressure in a non-uniform electric field
B. B. Baldanov, A. P. Semenov, Ts. V. Ranzhurov

Numerical simulation of plasma dynamic discharges in magneto-plasma compressor
A. Yu. Ermolaev, V. K. Mineev, E. A. Voronina

Increasing the electrical strength and operation stability of a small-sized ion accelerator
I. A. Kanshin

Emission characteristics of a constricted arc discharge in a fore-vacuum plasma-cathode source of pulsed electron beam
A. V. Kazakov, E. M. Oks, N. A. Panchenko

Sources of non-relativistic, high-current electron beams based on the cathodes with built-in arc plasma sources
Pavel P. Kiziridi, Grigory E. Ozur

Fore-vacuum ribbon beam plasma electron source based on a two-stage discharge system
A. S. Klimov, I. Yu. Bakeev, J. E. Dagri, E. M. Oks, A. A. Zenin

Downstream region influence on interruption ability of HV SF6-blast interrupters with synchronous gas injection
N. K. Kurakina, S. A. Averyanova, N. V. Obraztsov, E. N. Tonkonogova

Arc-PVD coating thickness uniformity improving on complex geometry surfaces
A. V. Oleinik, A. Yu. Nazarov, K. N. Ramazanov, Yu. G. Husainov, R. Sh. Nagimov

Laser-induced desorption spectroscopy with an inductively coupled plasma source — examination of technique applicability for detection of retained hydrogen
G. I. Rykunov, D. V. Kolodko, A. I. Alieva, A. V. Tumarkin,
A. V. Kaziev, Yu. M. Gasparyan

Development of nanosecond discharge in an inhomogeneous electric field in water medium
D. A. Sorokin, D. V. Beloplotov

Electron beam treatment of diffusion B-Al layers on 3Kh2V8F steel surfaces
N. S. Ulakhanov, U. L. Mishigdorzhiyn, V. I. Shin, P. V. Moskvin,
M. A. Mokeev, M. S. Vorobyov, A. G. Tikhonov

Electron-beam synthesis of ceramic-based coatings in the forevacuum pressure range
D. B. Zolotukhin, A. Yu. Nazarov, E. M. Oks, K. N. Ramazanov,
A. V. Tyunkov, Yu. G. Yushkov

Volume 88, Issue 5, 2024

Thematic issue Physics of ferroelectrics

Influence of polarization of nanosized films of barium-strontium titanate on the characteristics of ferroelectric phase shifters of the microwave range
V. M. Mukhortov, S. V. Biryukov, Y. I. Golovko, S. I. Masychev

Complex electro-mechanical parameters and features of the microstructure of porous piezoceramics of the lead zirconate-titanate system
N. A. Shvetsova, I. A. Shvetsov, E. I. Petrova, D. I. Makarev,
M. A.  Marakhovsky, A. N. Rybyanets

Ferroelectric composites BaTiO3 and SrTiO3 with a fusible additive B2O3
A. V. Tumarkin, O. Y. Sinelshchikova, D. I. Zigankova, N. G. Tyurnina,
Z. G. Tyurnina, A. G. Gagarin, A. R. Karamov

Influence of silicon dioxide on the structure and dielectric properties of barium titanate
L. N. Korotkov, N. A. Tolstykh, N. N. Borodin, M. A. Kashirin,
R. G. Anisimov, S. V. Popov, M. A. Pankova

Switching processes and ferroelectric hysteresis in dense and porous piezoceramics of the lead zirconate-titanate system
N. A. Shvetsova, I. A. Shvetsov, E. I. Petrova, P. A. Abramov,
M. G. Konstantinova, A. N. Rybyanets

Influence of the molar ratio Sr:Bi:Ta in bismuth-strontium tantalum films SryBi2+xTa2O9 on structure and electrophysical properties
D. A. Kiselev, E. A. Kurteva, A. V. Semchenko, A. A. Boiko, L. V. Sudnik,
G. V. Chucheva

Piezoelectric hysteresis and relaxation processes in ferroelectric ceramics in weak electric fields
I. A. Shvetsov, N. A. Shvetsova, E. I. Petrova, A. N. Reznichenko,
D. I. Makarev, A. N. Rybyanets

Activation analysis of the temperature dependence of the dielectric constant of ferroelectrics
D. V. Kuzenko

On the features of the first order phase transition in nanosized ferroelectrics
V. N. Nechaev, A. V. Shuba

Effect of high temperature isothermal annealing on optical properties of Gd3AlxGa5-xO12 (x=1–3) and Gd3Al2Ga3O12:Ce3+ crystals
V. M. Kasimova, N. S. Kozlova, E. V. Zabelina, O. A. Buzanov,
A. S. Bykov, A. V. Targonsky, A. V. Rogachev

The influence of the fluoride process of tungsten deposition parameters on the properties of tungsten self-composites obtained by chemical vapor infiltration
T. N. Bukatin, D. Yu. Karpenkov, V. V. Dushik,
D. V. Ten

Surface segregation in binary metallic nanoparticles: atomistic and thermodynamic simulations
V. M. Samsonov, A. A. Romanov, I. V. Talyzin, D. V. Zhigunov, V. V. Puitov

Structure and properties of manganese-substituted hydroxyapatite
V. S. Bystrov, E. V. Parmonova, L. A. Avakyan, S. V. Makarova, N. V. Bulina

Microhardness of single crystals of paratellurite
S. V. Molchanov, S. A. Tretiakov, I. A. Kaplunov, A. I. Ivanova

Influence of magnetic field on the surface structure and properties of germanium single crystals
K. A. Marinicheva, A. I. Ivanova, I. A. Kaplunov, K. A. Egorova,
S. A. Tretiakov, E. V. Barabanova, P. A. Rakunov

Scanning processing of materials with high-frequency pulsed lasers using acousto-optic deflectors
А. S. Guk, V. Е. Rogalin, S. А. Filin, I. А. Kaplunov

Technological methods for reducing the sintering temperature of ceramics based on the BZN cubic pyrochlore system
М. А. Marakhovskiy, М. V. Talanov

Symmetry analysis of Raman spectra of crystals based on angular dependencies
E. V. Golovkina, S. N. Krylova, A. N. Vtyurin, A. S. Krylov

Magnetic properties of multicomponent system alloys (Er1-xYx)0.8Sm0.2Fe2
Z. S. Umkhaeva, A. Yu. Karpenkov, N. Yu. Pankratov, I. S. Tereshina, I. M. Aliev

Influence of magnetic field on electric polarization in small magnetic particles
T. S. Shaposhnikova, R. F. Mamin

Abrupt processes of remagnetization reversal processes in single crystals of GdCo4Cu alloy
Yu. V. Kuznetsova, O. B. Degteva, A. Y. Karpenkov, Е. М. Semenova,
M. A. Belyavsky, E. B. Mitina

Magnetic properties of the Y2(FexCo1-x)17 compounds
A. I. Sinkevich, M. B. Lyakhova, A. Yu. Karpenkov, E. M. Semenova,
D. Yu. Karpenkov, Yu. G. Pastushenkov

Effect of deformation on magnetic properties of Heusler alloys
A. I. Ivanova, A. Yu. Karpenkov, E. M. Semenova, I. I. Musabirov,
A. D. Vasiliev

A mechanism of magnetic hysteresis in heterogeneous Gd-Zr-Co-Cu-Fe alloys
E. M. Semenova, M. B. Lyakhova, P. A. Rakunov, A. Yu. Karpenkov, Yu. V. Konyukhov