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Volume 86, Issue 8, 2022
Accepted for publication on April 22, 2022

Thematic issue “Nuclear physics and elementary particle physics. Nuclear physics technologies”

Production cross section of mercury and radon isotopes in complete fusion reactions with 36, 40Ar and 40, 48Ca projectiles

E. V. Chernysheva, A. M. Rodin, V. Yu. Vedeneev, A. V. Gulyaev, A. V. Gulyaeva, M. Holik, S. N. Dmitriev, D. Kamas, J. Kliman, A. B. Komarov, L. Krupa, P. Kohout, A. Kohoutova, A. S. Novoselov, Yu. Ts. Oganessian, A. Opíchal, J. Pechousek, A. V. Podshibyakin, V. S. Salamatin, S. V. Stepantsov, S. A. Yukhimchuk

Test setup for registration of coincident signals from reactions with the emission of charged particles and neutrons on the RADEX channel

A. A. Kasparov, M. V. Mordovskoy, A. A. Afonin, V. V. Mitcuk

Measuring the angular distribution of 14.1 MeV neutrons scattered by carbon nuclei

I. D. Dashkov, N. A. Fedorov, D. N. Grozdanov, Yu. N. Kopach, T. Yu. Tretyakova, I. N. Ruskov, V. R. Skoy, A. Erbolot, D. Berikov, Yu. N. Barmakov, E. P. Bogolyubov, D. I. Yurkov

Directional sensitivity investigation of two coordinate neutron detector based on 10B layer and wire chamber

S. I. Potashev, A. A. Kasparov, I. V. Meshkov, A. A. Afonin, Yu. M. Burmistrov, A. I. Drachev, S. Kh. Karaevsky, V. N. Ponomarev, V. I. Razin

Study of ground states of 13, 14C, 13, 14N, 14O nuclei by Feynman’s continual integrals method

V. V. Samarin

Model analysis of dose distribution in bone implant during radiation sterilization

V. V. Rozanov, A. O. Khutsistova, I. V. Matveychuk, A. P. Chernyaev

Spectra of excited states of neutron-rich nickel isotopes

S. V. Sidorov, D. S. Zhulyaeva, T. Yu. Tretyakova

Investigation of the energies and electrical characteristics of the states of negative parity of the 156Gd nucleus

P. N. Usmanov, A. I. Vdovin, A. N. Nishonov

Stability of light exotic Λ-hypernuclei with unstable cores

S. V. Sidorov, A. S. Kornilova, D. E. Lanskoy, T. Yu. Tretyakova

Development of a method for control of dose distribution in radiotherapy on photon beams

A. G. Sinelnikov, A. P. Chernyaev, A. A. Scherbakov, S. A. Zolotov, E. N. Lykova

Nucleon density distributions and diabatic potential in heavy ion reactions

M. V. Simonov, A. V. Karpov, T. Yu. Tretyakova

6Li(d,p0)7Li, 6Li(d,p1)7Li*(0.478 MeV), 6Li(dp2)7Li*(4.63 MeV), 6Li(dp4)7Li*(7.46 MeV), 6Li(d,n0)7Be, 6Li(d,n1)7Be*(0.429 MeV), 6Li(d,n2)7Be*(4.57 MeV), 6Li(d,n4)7Be*(7.21 MeV), 6Li(d,x)7Be reactions cross sections

L. N. Generalov, V. A. Zherebtsov, S. M. Selyankina

New technologies for the vertex detectors at the NICA collider experiments

V. I. Zherebchevsky, V. V. Vechernin, S. N. Igolkin, V. P. Kondratiev, T. V. Lazareva, N. A. Maltsev, S. N. Belokurova, D. G. Nesterov, N. А. Prokofiev, A. Rakhmatullina, G. Feofilov

Complex estimation of cathode surface state of the proportional chamber after work in experiment at the Large Hadron Collider

G. E. Gavrilov, M. E. Buzoverya, I. A. Karpov, M. V. Tatsenko, M. V. Tkachenko, АА. Dzyuba, О. E. Maev, P. V. Seredin, D. L. Goloshchapov

Description of atomic nucleus collisions in the non-equilibrium hydrodynamic approach as collisions of Korteweg-de Vries solitons

A. T. D’yachenko, I. A. Mitropolsky

Analysis of resonance states in the description of the astrophysical S-factor for heavy ion fusion reaction 16O+12C

S. Yu. Torilov, N. A. Maltsev, V. I. Zherebchevsky

Investigation of plutonium nitric acid solutions with unknown isotopic composition by alpha and gamma spectroscopy

I. E. Alekseev, S. E. Belov, K. V. Ershov, N. E. Mishina, A. A. Murzin

The application of gamma-spectrometry with a germanium detector for oil and ore geology

I. R. Makarova, F. F. Valiev, S. A. Gorobec, N. N. Laptev, A. M. Yafyasov, V. O. Sergeev

Studies of radionuclide concentrations in the sediment samples from the St. Petersburg rivers

A. Yu. Opekunov, V. I. Zherebchevsky, M. G. Opekunova, D. V. Pichugina

Spontaneous and induced ternary and quaternary fission as virtual process

L. V. Titova, S. G. Kadmensky

Non-statistical nature of fragments’ spin distributions in binary nuclear fission

S. G. Kadmensky, D. E. Lyubashevsky

Calculations of the octopole deformation of radium and thorium isotopes in the Hartree-Fock-Bogolyubov approximation with Skyrme forces

V. N. Tarasov, V. I. Kuprikov, D. V. Tarasov

The identification capability of the inner tracking system for the detection of D-mesons at the NICA-MPD facility

V. P. Kondratev, N. A. Maltsev, Yu. A. Murin

Volume 86, Issue 9, 2022
Accepted for publication on May 23, 2022

Thematic issue “Electromagnetic Field and Materials (Fundamental Physical Research)”

Features of the anisotropy properties of a composite based on halloysite nanotubes and amorphous magnetite

M. N. Shipko, M. A. Stepovich, A. V. Noskov, O. V. Alekseeva, D. N. Smirnova

What is the coming century preparing for us?

F. N. Shakirzianov, P. A. Butyrin, S. A. Abdulkerimov, D. V. Mikheev

Interaction of backward volume spin waves with a low contrast magnon crystal

S. V. Gerus, A. Yu. Annenkov, E. H. Lock

On the possibility of undistorted transmission of useful signal using surface spin waves in a metal-ferrite-dielectric-metal structure

E. H. Lock, S. V. Gerus, A. Yu. Annenkov, A. V. Lugovskoi

Features of experimental investigation of quasi-stationary magnetization of ferrite-garnet films

A. V. Matyunin, G. M. Nikoladze, P. A. Polyakov

Theoretical study of the magnetoresistance of the nanostructure of the straintronic element

O. P. Polyakov, S. I. Kasatkin, V. V. Amelichev, V. S. Shevtsov, P. A. Polyakov

Spin-tunnel element magnetoresistance change under condition of inhomogeneous magnetization reversal with the domain formation

V. S. Shevtsov, V. V. Amelichev, D. V. Vasilyev, Y. V. Kazakov, S. I. Kasatkin, D. V. Kostyuk, O. P. Polyakov, P. A. Polyakov

Electrostatic fields of polarizing charges in a nonlinear susceptibility dielectric

M. L. Akimov, M. A. Piatakov, O. P. Polyakov, P. A. Polyakov

Study of FeNiCo/CoFe multilayer nanostructures in magnetic straintronics

D. A. Zhukov, V. V. Amelichev, D. V. Kostyuk, S. I. Kasatkin

Study of radiation electrification of heat-resistant radar-absorbing material

V. Yu. Kirillov, M. M. Tomilin

Impedance-matched with vacuum materials using ferrospinels

S. V. Serebryannikov, S. S. Serebryannikov, A. V. Dolgov, L. L. Yeremtsova, А. Z. Slavinskiy

Method for studying EMF in rotating disks in the electromagnetic field of permanent magnets

A. R. Lepeshkin, A. B. Kuvaldin, Y. Y. Zakharov, O. I. Ilyinskaya, M. А. Fedin, А. О. Kuleshov

Study of the synchronous mode of the hysteretic electromechanical converter under a cone implementation of the converter

S. Yu. Ostanin, A. N. Solomin, N.S. Zubarev, Cui Shumei, Zhu Chunbo

Effective Q-factor of miniature dielectric resonators in shielded transmission lines

V. M. Gevorkyan, S. V. Vishnyakov, Yu. A. Kazantsev, A. V. Shutov

Simulation of dielectric resonators with interconnection by a propagating wave in a waveguide

L. V. Alekseychik

Methods for obtaining optimal magnetic properties in the rotors of hysteretic electromechanical energy converters

I. M. Milyaev, S. Yu. Ostanin, D. V. Mikheev, N. S. Zubarev, Cui Shumei, Zhu Chunbo

Solution of a two-dimensional electrostatic problem for an oblique-shaped magneto-resistive elementP. A. Polyakov, V. S. Shevtsov

Thematic issue “Nuclear physics and elementary particle physics. Nuclear physics technologies

Analyzing power of quasi-elastic proton-proton scattering at the energies from 200 to 650 MeV/nucleon

I. S. Volkov, V. P. Ladygin, Ya. T. Skhomenko, Yu. V. Gurchin, A. Yu. Isupov, M. Janek, J. T. Karachuk, A. N. Khrenov, P. K. Kurilkin, A. N. Livanov, S. M. Piyadin, S. G. Reznikov, A. A. Terekhin, A. V. Tishevsky, A. V. Averyanov, E. V. Chernykh, D. Enache, D. O. Krivenkov, I. E. Vnukov

Branching ratio of 7Li ground and excited states produced in interaction neutron and 10B at 1 MeV above

S. I. Potashev, A. A. Kasparov, V. N. Ponomarev

Study of reactions with a proton escape for 179, 180Hf

V. A. Zheltonozhskiy, M. V. Zheltonozhskaya, P. D. Remizov, A. P. Chernyaev, V. N. Yatsenko

Neutron flux estimation in the spallation experiment at the PNPI synchrotron

I. E. Alekseev, S. E. Belov, K. V. Ershov

Time-dependent description of reactions with weakly bound nuclei 11Li, 11Be

А. K. Azhibekov, V. V. Samarin

Modeling the kinematics of cluster decay of 12Be excited states from RADEX cascade neutrons

A. A. Kasparov, M. V. Mordovskoy, V. M. Skorkin

Possibility of identifying the virtual component in pre-scission neutrons

S. G. Kadmensky, S. V. Kufaev, Y. O. Otvodenko

Clustering and microscopically separated states formation in fission potential energy calculations

Yu. V. Ivanskiy, A. V. Unzhakova

Application of nuclear spectroscopy methods for analytical support and correction of the experiment on liquid extraction of transplutonium and rear earth elements

E. A. Verkhovskaya, K. V. Ershov, N. E. Mishina, A. Yu. Nikolaev, Ya. O. Pleshakov

Subcritical assembly ‘Yalina-Teplovaya’ within the physical birth-and-death model

T. N. Korbut, M. V. Zubareva

Influence of high-energy protons and gamma-radiation on DNA structure in solution

О. М. Kotb, D. S. Brozhik, V. N. Verbenko, E. P. Gulevich, V. F. Ezhov, D. L. Karlin, F. A. Pak, S. V. Paston, A. I. Khalikov

Influence of vacancies on the compensation temperature of the magnetization of iron sulfides

V. V. Onufrienok, A. V. Chzhan

Features of magnetoelastic microwave dynamics of a three-layer structure

L. N. Kotov, M. Yu. Dianov, V. S. Vlasov, F. F. Asadullin