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Volume 86, Issue 12, 2022
Accepted for publication on August 22, 2022

Thematic issue “Nano-optics, Photonics, and Coherent Spectroscopy”

Effect of Kerr nonlinearity on the formation of few-cycle optical-terahertz solitons
А. А. Kalinovich, I. G. Zakharova, S. V. Sazonov

Structured optothermal traps
S. P. Kotova, N. N. Losevsky, А. М. Mayorova, E. V. Razueva, S. A. Samagin

Investigation of light scattering on water-in-oil emulsions to control the water content in an immiscible liquid
A. I. Ponomarev, O. A. Zayakin, S. P. Kotova, N. N. Losevsky, T. N. Saptsina

Dynamics of extremely short pulses in an anisotropic optical medium with two-level impurity systems in the framework of Glauber approach
M. B. Belonenko, N. N. Konobeeva

Scattering of an extremely short pulse on a carbon nanotube
N. N. Konobeeva, M. B. Belonenko

Graphene nanofilms modified with impurity boron atoms as a basis for two-dimensional photonic crystals
I. V. Zaporotskova, S. V. Boroznin, M. B. Belonenko, E. S. Drychkov, Y. V. Butenko

Rotation of the polarization plane of a three-dimensional few cycle pulse in an anisotropic photonic crystal from carbon nanotubes
Yu. V. Dvuzhilova, I. S. Dvuzhilov, T. B. Shilov, I. A. Chelnintsev, M. B. Belonenko

Study of the possibility of control of the refractive and reflection indices in layered structures with defects
K. Yu. Verevkinа, I. Yu. Verevkin, V. V. Yatsyshen, M. B. Belonenko

YVO4: Yb, Er upconversion nanopartices relative spectral line temperature dependency in the range of 285–305 К
A. G. Shmelev, D. K. Zharkov, A. V. Leontyev, V. G. Nikiforov, D. N. Petrov, M. F. Krylov, J. E. Clavijo, V. S. Lobkov

Optically detected magnetic resonance signal features in nanodiamond samples
A. V. Leontyev, D. K. Zharkov, A. G. Shmelev, V. G. Nikiforov, V. S. Lobkov, E. O. Mityushkin, M. H. Alkahtani

Polarization of the luminescence of upconversion single YNaF4:Yb,Tm nanoparticles
D. K. Zharkov, V. G. Nikiforov, A. G. Shmelev, A. V. Leontiev, E. O. Mityushkin, N. M. Lyadov, N. I. Nurgazizov, A. P. Chuklanov, A. V. Pashkevich, V. S. Lobkov

Temperature dependences of structure-sensitive bands in the IR spectra of polyvinyl chloride
D. I. Kamalova, O. A. Kochurova, M. E. Sibgatullin

Spectral properties of aluminum phthalocyanine immobilized on silver nanowire substrates
E. V. Kitushina, E. P. Kozhina, A. A. Piryazev, S. A. Bedin, A. V. Lobanov

Features of the charge response of ferroelectric polymers when using graphene-containing electrodes
V. V. Kochervinskii, M. A. Shapetina, S. A. Bedin, S. A. Baskakov, Yu. M. Shulga

The distribution of mechanical stress around track etched membrane pores while sample elongation
V. N. Gumirova, I. V. Razumovskaya, A. V. Naumov

Giant anisotropy of the width of the EPR lines of Mn2+ centers in narrow-gup semiconductors Pb1-xMnxS и Pb1-x-yCuyMnxS (x = 0.002; y = 0.002)
V. A. Ulanov, R. R. Zainullin, I. V. Yatsyk, R. I. Kalimullin, A. M. Sinicin, T. A. H. Housheya

Structure and parameters of magnetic interactions in Nb4+ impurity centers in the BaF2 crystal: EPR data
V. A. Ulanov, R. B. Zaripov, R. R. Zainullin, R. I. Kalimullin

Optimization of the parameters of the structure of a LiNbO3 nanowaveguide with periodic polarization for the generation of ultrabroadband biphotons in the near infrared range
O. A. Ermishev, M. A. Smirnov, A. F. Khairullin, N. M. Arslanov

Non-adiabatic regime of fast quantum memory on an atomic resonator system implemented by optimal turn on of the control field
Yu. A. Kharlamova, N. M. Arslanov, S. A. Moiseev

Thematic issue “Physics of Auroral Phenomena”

Morning geomagnetic bays in polar latitudes and their magnetospheric sources
N. G. Kleimenova, I. V. Despirak, A. A. Lubchich, L. M. Malysheva, L. I. Gromova, S. V. Gromov

Polar geomagnetic disturbances and auroral substorms in the magnetic storm on April 20, 2020
L. I. Gromova, N. G. Kleimenova, I. V. Despirak, S.V. Gromov, A. A. Lubchich, L. M. Malysheva 

Seasonal features of phase fluctuations occurrence of navigation signals and positioning errors at auroral and polar ionosphere
I. I. Shagimuratiov, M. V. Filatov, I. I. Efishov, N. Yu. Tepenitsyna, G. A. Yakimova

Statistical relationship of the fluence of magnetospheric electrons with the energy more than 2 MeV with geomagnetic and interplanetary characteristics in 1987–2021
O. N. Kryakunova, A. V. Belov, A. F. Yakovets, A. A. Abunin, I. L. Tsepakina, B. B. Seifullina, M. A. Abunina, N. F. Nikolaevsky, N. S. Shlyk

Features of the daytime polar cusp precipitation structure during the northward interplanetary magnetic field
V. G. Vorobjev, O. I. Yagodkina

GLE73 28.10.2021 event in solar cosmic rays
Yu. V. Balabin, B. B. Gvozdevsky, A. V. Germanenko, E. A. Maurchev, E. A. Michalko

Thematic issue “Nuclear physics and elementary particle physics. Nuclear physics technologies

Impact of 1 MeV election beam irradiation on phenology and microflora of potatoes
N. S. Chulikova, A. A. Malyuga, U. A. Bliznyuk, A. P. Chernyaev, P. Yu. Borschegovskaya, S. A. Zolotov, A. D. Nikitchenko, Ya. V. Zubritskaya, D. S. Yurov

Volume 86, Suppl. 1, 2022
Accepted for publication on October 20, 2022

Thematic issue “Fundamental Problems of Opto- and Microelectronics”

Online First article (accepted for publication on November 8, 2022)

Detunable wire metasurface for applications in magnetic resonance imaging
Alexey P. Slobozhanyuk, Alena V. Shchelokova, Dmitry A. Dobrykh, Pavel S. Seregin, David A. Powell, Ilya V. Shadrivov, Andrew G. Webb, Pavel A. Belov, Mikhail Lapine

Towards a laser-induced microbubble during lithotripsy process in soft tissue
A. F. Abu-Bakr, A. K. Abu-Nab

Influence of surface carbon impurities on the nonlinear properties of silica nanoparticles
A. V. Amosov, V. P. Dzyuba

Halide perovskite microplates coupled with optically resonant silicon nanoparticles
A. Berestennikov, A. P. Pushkarev, S. V. Makarov

Carbon nanotube electrodes for semitransparent perovskite light-emitting electrochemical cells
E. V. Bodyago, D. S. Gets, S. V. Makarov

Time resolved laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy of human hair
A. V. Borovskiy, S. S. Golik, A. S. Ankushev

Using of ultrasound in automated laser induced breakdown spectroscopy complex for operational study of spectral characteristics of seawater of carbon polygons
A. V. Bulanov

Sensing phase transitions in solids using thermoplasmonics
E. A. Chernykh, S. S. Kharintsev

Holographic formation of chirped multilayer inhomogeneous diffraction structures based on photopolymerizing compositions with nematic liquid crystals
V. O. Dolgirev, S. N. Sharangovich

Study of light diffraction on electrically controlled multilayer inhomogeneous structures with smooth optical inhomogeneity based on photopolymerizing compositions with nematic liquid crystals
V. O. Dolgirev, S. N. Sharangovich

Resonance effects in the bent waveguide-based Fabry-Perot resonator with mirrors of spatially varying reflectivity
A. V. Dyshlyuk, O. B. Vitrik

Peculiarities of the electromagnetic field distribution inside a 1D photonic crystal with a defect layer
I. M. Efimov, N. A. Vanyushkin, A. H. Gevorgyan

Acceleration of chemical reactions in hybrid one-dimensional photonic crystals based on high-index metamaterials
A. I. Garifullin, R. Kh. Gainutdinov, M. A. Khamadeev

Plasmon-enhanced anti-Stokes Raman scattering based on local density of states engineering
A. R. Gazizov, M. Kh. Salakhov, S. S. Kharintsev

Fiber optic resonators for angular rate sensors
D. G. Gilev, K. A. Ovchinnikov, V. V. Krishtop, A. A. Chuvyzgalov

Fabrication of anti-reflection coatings on GaSe crystal surfaces by laser-induced periodic surface structuring
S. O. Gurbatov, Yu. M. Borodaenko, D. V. Pavlov, E. V. Mitsai, A. P. Eliseev, S. I. Lobanov, L. I. Isaenko, A. A. Kuchmizhak

Imaging photoplethysmography as a reliable tool for monitoring tissue perfusion during open brain and abdominal surgeries
A. A. Kamshilin

Broadband plasmonics with titanium oxynitride
A. V. Kharitonov, S. S. Kharintsev

Study of silicon etching modes in combined plasma discharge for the formation of optoelectronic structures
V. S. Klimin, I. O. Kessler, Y. V. Morozova, A. V. Saenko, Z. E. Vakulov, O. A. Ageev

Wide temperature range fiber optic sensor
Y. A. Konin, A. A. Petrov, V. A. Starikova, A. G. Smolnikov

Umov effect for large nonspherical particles
A. V. Konoshonkin, I. V. Tkachev, D. N. Timofeev, N. V. Kustova, K. A. Shmirko, E. S. Zubko

Melt pool temperature control in laser additive process
Y. N. Kulchin, V. V. Gribova, V. A. Timchenko, A. A. Basakin, P. A. Nikiforov, D. S. Yatsko, I. G. Zhevtun, E. P. Subbotin, A. I. Nikitin

Monochromatic LEDs effect on rocket (Eruca sativa. Mill.) morphogenesis and productivity
Yu. N. Kulchin, V. P. Bulgakov, E. P. Subbotin, A. S. Kholin, N. I. Subbotina

Increasing measurements range of electro-optic sensors for electric field by using a Mach-Zehnder interferometer modulators array
I. V. Kuznetsov, A. S. Perin

Comparison of the sensitivity of spectral methods for multi-element analysis of atmospheric aerosol using short and ultrashort laser pulses
V. V. Lisitsa, A. Yu. Mayor, S. S. Golik, D. Yu. Proschenko, Yu. S. Tolstonogova, A. A. Il’in, A. V. Borovsky, A. S. Ankushev, M. Yu. Babiy

Free-standing carbon nanotube thin film for multifunctional halide-perovskite optoelectronics
A. A. Marunchenko, D. I. Markina, A. P. Pushkarev, M. A. Baranov, A. G. Nasibulin, S. V. Makarov

Ellipsometric analysis of low-dimensional materials for optoelectronic and photonic applications
Marwa A. El-Sayed, G. A. Ermolaev, D. I. Yakubovsky, A. A. Vyshnevyy, A. V. Arsenin, V. S. Volkov

Laser etching of quasi-1D TiS3 nanoribbons by Raman spectrophotometer
Marwa A. El-Sayed, N. V. Doroshina, D. I. Yakubovsky, P. Mishra, A. V. Syuy

Surface enhanced fluorescence on nanostructured dielectric surfaces
A. Yu. Mironenko, M. V. Tutov, A. K. Chepak, E. V. Mitsai, A. A. Kuchmizhak

Effect of optical activity on degenerated four-wave mixing in cubic photorefractive crystal
V. N. Naunyka

Highly efficient bifacial MAPbI3 perovskite solar cells improved by a light-trapping electrode
A. A. Obraztsova, A. D. Furasova, Daniele Barettin, S. V. Makarov

Application of optical frequency domain reflectometry for the study of polarization maintaining fibers
K. A. Ovchinnikov, D. G. Gilev, V. V. Krishtop, I. R. Drozdov, Yu. A. Konstantinov, M. E. Belokrylov, A. T. Turov, F. L. Barkov

Possibility of anapole state in dielectric nanohole array metasurfaces with different hole shapes
A. V. Panov

Review on the evolution of 6G and terahertz communication for highspeed information processing
Pia Sarkar, Arijit Saha, Aditya Banerjee, Amit Banerjee, A. Y. Seteikin, I. G. Samusev

Laser conoscopy and photoinduced light scattering in a lithium niobate crystal doped with Y(0.24 wt.%): Mg(0.63 wt.%)
O. Y. Pikoul, N. V. Sidorov, M. N. Palatnikov, E. A. Antonycheva

3×3 coupler Mach-Zehnder interferometric strainmeter
А. A. Podlesnykh, O. T. Kamenev, Yu. S. Petrov

Up-conversion films and polymer matrices with CsPbBr3 perovskite micro and nanostructures
A. S. Polushkin, S. A. Cherevkov, D. S. Gets, L. E. Zelenkov, S. V. Makarova

Laser conoscopy of two-component optical systems from gyrotropic crystals
K. A. Rudoy, O. Y. Pikoul

Amorphous carbon thin films for optical sensing of humidity
S. V. Saparina, S. S. Kharintsev

CuSCN as hole transport material for perovskite solar cells
D. Sapori, S. Makarov

Enhancement of infrared-emitting quantum dots photoluminescence via plasmonic nanoarrays
A. A. Sergeev, K. A. Sergeeva, D. V. Pavlov, A. A. Kuchmizhak

Copper grid/ITO transparent electrodes prepared by laser induced deposition for multifunctional optoelectronic devices
D. S. Shestakov, A. Yu. Shishov, M. V. Mesh, I. I. Tumkin, S. V. Makarov, L. S. Logunov

Calculation of the signal of a scanning lidar for remote sensing of cirrus clouds containing predominantly horizontally oriented crystals
V. A. Shishko, A. V. Konoshonkin, D. N. Timofeev, N. V. Kustova, A. G. Borovoi, G. P. Kokhanenko, Yu. S. Balin

Anisotropic femtosecond laser-induced modification of phosphorus- and boron-doped amorphous silicon
D. V. Shuleiko, S. V. Zabotnov, M. N. Martyshov, D. V. Amasev, D. E. Presnov, P. K. Kashkarov

Synthesis of new MAX-phases (Ti0.5, Ta0.5)3AlC2, (Ti0.5, Nb0.5)3AlC2, (Ti0.5, V0.5)3AlC2 and MXenes based on them
К. V. Sobolev, G. I. Tselikov, D. A. Panova, A. V. Arsenin, V. V. Rodionova, V. S. Volkov, D. S. Shtarev, A. V. Syuy

Laser speckle contrast imaging for intraoperative monitoring of cerebral blood flow
D. D. Stavtsev, A. N. Konovalov, E. V. Blinova, G. A. Piavchenko, G. E. Golodnev, S. D. Zalogin, A. V. Gorina, K. N. Lapin, S. A. Vagner, F. V. Grebenev, I. V. Meglinski, A. Yu. Gerasimenko, D. V. Telyshev, S. L. Kuznetsov

Laser-fabricated MoS2 nanoparticles as efficient near-infrared photosensitizers
G. I. Tselikov, D. A. Panova, I. S. Kazantsev, A. V. Syuy, G. V. Tikhonowski, A. A. Popov, A. V. Arsenin, V. S. Volkov

Dispersion relations as a method for studying the optical properties of metasurfaces
A. F. Valitova, A. R. Gazizov, M. Kh. Salakhov

Lasing threshold of conical modes in 1D photonic crystals
N. A. Vanyushkin, A. H. Gevorgyan

Optical-electrical co-sensing system and reciprocal temperature compensation
Yang Huanyu, Zhi Zhou

Registration of acoustic emission signals in polymer composite material during its destruction by means of embedded adaptive fiber-optic sensor
O. V. Bashkov, A. A. Bryansky, M. N. Bezruk, T. A. Efimov, D. A. Bobruiko, E. A. Rassolov, A. V. Pogodaev, A. V. Gridasov, R. V. Romashko

Volume 87, Issue 1, 2023
Accepted for publication on September 26, 2022

Thematic issue “Wave Phenomena: Physics and Applications”

(2D+1) optical vortices in a tunnel-coupled waveguide
B. S. Bryantsev, А. А. Kalinovich, I. G. Zakharova

Transmission functions of transmissive multilayer inhomogeneous holographic photopolymer liquid crystal diffraction structures
S. N. Sharangovich, V. O. Dolgirev

Second-order optical differentiator based on a composite metal-dielectric-metal structure
A. I. Kashapov, E. A. Bezus, D. A. Bykov, L. L. Doskolovich

Optical-terahertz solitons with tilted wave fronts of system of the Zakharov–Boussinesq type equations
S. V. Sazonov, N. V. Ustinov

Interaction of solitary electromagnetic waves in a 2D graphene superlattice
О. Yu. Babina, S. Yu. Glazov, I. N. Fedulov

Two-dimensional graphene superlattice conductivity control by transverse electric fields
S. Yu. Glazov, N. E. Mescheryakova, I. A. Podgornaya

The effect of entrainment of electrons by a breather in a graphene-based superlattice
P. V. Badikova, D. V. Zav’yalov, V. I. Konchenkov, S. V. Kryuchkov

Floquet spectrum of Dirac crystal in the field of pulsed radiation
S. V. Kryuchkov, E. I. Kukhar, D. A. Silivanov

Microwave photonics matched filter for fast processing of ultra-wideband input signal
V. V. Kulagin, V. V. Valuev, D. Burkitbaev, V. N. Kornienko, V. A. Cherepenin

Frequency multiplication in a high-current relativistic gyrotron for obtaining high-power THz-band radiation
A. N. Leontiev, R. M. Rozental, N. S. Ginzburg, I. V. Zotova, A. M. Malkin, A. S. Sergeev

Digital phased antenna array transceiver with multibeam radiation pattern
Lu Guoming, P. N. Zakharov, A. F. Korolev

Dispersion characteristics of oversized travelling wave tubes of the submillimeter wave range
V. E. Rodyakin, V. M. Pikunov, V. N. Aksenov

Calculation of the number of conduction channels in a single-electron reservoir network on metal-organic framework polymers
S. A. Pankratov, А. А. Parshintsev, D. E. Presnov, В. В. Shorokhov

Object structure reconstruction using correlation processing of the acoustic field of active noise sources
K. V. Dmitriev

Features of ultrasonic visualization of layered objects
Y. S. Petronyuk, S. A. Titov, A. N. Bogachenkov, V. M. Levin, I. G. Grigorieva

Wedge acoustic waves in a fluid-filled crack
V. G. Mozhaev

Two-dimensional wave motion in a viscous homogeneous liquid
A. A. Ochirov

Waves and bubbles of drop impact
A. Yu. Ilinykh

Study of magnetic heterostructure MgO/CoFeB/Ta using the harmonic method
A. S. Trushin, G. A. Kichin, K. A. Zvezdin

Evolution of magnetic tunnel junction’s modes for different directions of an external magnetic field
M. D. Shkanakina, G. A. Kichin, P. N. Skirdkov, M. G. Putrya, K. A. Zvezdin

Study of the possibility of existence of multistability near the boundary of generalized synchronization in systems with a complex attractor topology
E. V. Evstifeev, O. I. Moskalenko

Investigation of the possibility of the existence of multistability in the regime of intermittent phase synchronization in ensemble of unidirectionally coupled Rössler systems
V. A. Khanadeev, A. D. Plotnikova, O. I. Moskalenko

Analysis of cognitive load in the Sternberg problem: eyetracker study
N. A. Brusinsky, A. A. Badarin, A. V. Andreev, V. M. Antipov, S. A. Kurkin, A. E. Hramov

A new electroencephalography marker of cognitive task performance
N. M. Smirnov, A. A. Badarin, S. A. Kurkin, A. E. Hramov

Thematic issue “Physics of Auroral Phenomena”

Modeling of the auroral hiss spatial structure and comparison with the observed results
A. S. Nikitenko, Yu. V. Fedorenko, O. M. Lebed, J. Manninen, E. B. Beketova

Mathematical model of the global ionospheric electric field generated by thunderstorms
V. V. Denisenko, M. J. Rycroft, R. G. Harrison

Volume 87, Issue 2, 2023
Accepted for publication on October 26, 2022

Thematic issue “New materials and technologies for security systems

Anomalous magnons in quantum Hall ferromagnet with strong interaction at filling factor 2
A. B. Vankov, A. S. Koreyev, P. S. Berezhnoy, I. V. Kukushkin

Birotons and ‘dark hierarchies’ in fractional quantum Hall effect
L. V. Kulik, A. B. Vankov

Spin transport in a volume of a Hall dielectric
A. V. Gorbunov, A. V. Larionov, L. V. Kulik, V. B. Timofeev

Low-temperature properties of a silicon-based sub-THz detector
A. R. Khisameeva, A. V. Shchepetilnikov, Ya. V. Fedotova, A. A. Dremin, I. V. Kukushkin

Sub-terahertz polarization converter based on a silicon lattice structure
A. M. Brovko, K. R. Dzhikirba, V. M. Muravev, I. Sh. Bahteev, S. Yu. Molchanov

Non-equilibrium processes in a semiconductor laser based on AlAs/(Al,Ga)As/GaAs microcavity under electric pulses excitation
A. A. Maksimov, E. V. Filatov, V. V. Filatov, I. I. Tartakovskii

Effect of interface quality on photoluminescence of encapsulated MoSe2 monolayers
A. V. Chernenko, A. S. Brichkin, G. M. Golyshkov, A. F. Shevchun

A systematic study of SERS spectra of cationic Raman dyes adsorbed on citrate-stabilized silver nanoparticles
D. A. Gribanyov, E. V. Rudakova, E. G. Zavyalova

Aptasensors based on track-etched membranes coated with nanostructured silver layer for influenza A and B virus detection
V. I. Kukushkin, О. V. Kristavchuk, G. А. Zhdanov, А. К. Keshek, А. S. Gambaryan, Ye. V. Andreev, A. N. Nechaev, Е. G. Zavyalova

Luminescence kinetics of Eu3+ ions in tungstates (Lu1−xEux)2(WO4)3 and molybdates (Lu1−xEux)2(MoO4)3
S. V. Zaitsev

Proximity effect in ferromagnetic structures InGaAs/GaAs/CoPt
S. V. Zaitsev

Study of the electric field density distribution in cylindrical chamber with coaxial feed of super high frequency radiation energy
A. A. Devgan, I. Sh. Bahteev, S. Yu. Molchanov, V. V. Martynov,B. M. Brzhozovskii, E. P. Zinina

Numerical investigation of multipactor discharge in coaxial switches
A. A. Dovgan, I. Sh. Bahteev, S. Yu. Molchanov, S. I. Kuzyutkin

Thematic issue “Physics of Auroral Phenomena”

Comparison of the low-frequency characteristics of the model solar wind spiral magnetic cloud with observed disturbances
N. А. Barkhatov, S. E. Revunov, O. M. Barkhatova, Е. А. Revunova

Upgraded optical complex in ‘Verkhnetulomsky’ observatory: equipment and first results
A. A. Belov, P. A. Klimov, B. V. Kozelov, A. S. Murashov, A. V. Roldugin, D. A. Trofimov

Simulation of current sheet in the Jupiter’s near magnetotail
P. V. Setsko

Relationship of the stable auroral red arcs height to solar activity. The observation results at the Yakutsk meridian
I. B. Ievenko, S. G. Parnikov, A. V. Sokolnikov

Analysis of the anomalous event GLE66 on October 29, 2003
Yu. V. Balabin

Growth of geomagnetic-induced currents during coronal mass ejection and corotating solar wind streams of geomagnetic storms in 2021
V. B. Belakhovsky, V. A. Pilipenko, Ya. A. Sakharov, V. N. Selivanov

Peculiarities of excitation of the Earth–ionosphere waveguide at frequencies above the frequency of the first transverse resonance
A. V. Larchenko, O. M. Lebed, S. V. Pilgaev, D. I. Sidorenko, Yu. V. Fedorenko

Model estimation of total electron content calculation error by the method of spaced reception of satellite signals
S. M. Cherniakov

Efficiencies of emission excitation and electron density formation in auroras
V. E. Ivanov, Zh. V. Dashkevich, O. I. Yagodkina

Investigation of the glow of the Herzberg I band in the Earth’s night sky
O. V. Antonenko, A. S. Kirillov

Volume 87, Issue 3, 2023
Accepted for publication on November 26, 2022

Thematic issue “Fundamental Problems and Trends in Magnetism”

Domain wall drift in single crystal plates with complex magnetic anisotropy
D. S. Mekhonoshin, L. A. Pamyatnykh

Spectra of the effects of magnetic birefringence and dichroism in magnetic colloids with different particle sizes
C. V. Yerin, V. I. Vivchar, E. I. Shevchenko

Application of various influences to obtain isolated or oriented nanoparticles
I. M. Doludenko, D. R. Khairetdinova, D. L. Zagorsky, A. Rizvanova, A. E. Muslimov, V. M. Kanevsky, L. V. Panina

Magneto-optical spectroscopy of GaSb-MnSb composites
E. A. Ganshina, I. M. Pripechenkov, N. N. Perova, E. S. Kanazakova, L. N. Oveshnikov, M. Jaloliddinzoda, A. I. Ril’, A. B. Granovsky, B. A. Aronzon

Investigation of the effect of temperature on the magneto-optical effect of changing the transparency of a magnetic emulsion
S. S. Belykh, C. V. Yerin, V. V. Fursova

Features of thermal expansion in substitution alloys based on heavy rare-earth metals RI1-xRIIxFe2
Z. S. Umkhaeva, I. S. Tereshina, N. Yu. Panrkatov, I. M. Aliev, M. R. Khomenko

Dynamics of multiphase magnetic fluid systems in microchannels of different shapes in a nonhomogeneous magnetic field
P. A. Ryapolov, E. A. Sokolov, E. V. Shel’deshova, D. A. Kalyuzhnaya, A. O. Vasilyeva

Effect of the magnetic field configuration on the detachment of gas bubbles in a magnetic fluid
P. A. Ryapolov, E. A. Sokolov, D. A.Kalyuzhnaya

Materials based on RCo2 and RMnSi for solid-state magnetic cooling
I. S. Tereshina, I. A. Ovchenkova, G. A. Politova, N. Yu. Pankratov

Dynamics of the magnetization vector of the spin-valve free layer with planar anisotropy under the action of magnetic fields of the arbitrary direction
Iu. A. Iusipova, V. A. Skidanov

Formation of skyrmions in thin CoPt films with an atomic force microscope probe
A. G. Temiryazev, A. V. Zdoroveishchev, M. P. Temiryazeva

The magnetostriction in garnet ferrite Y1.8Bi1.2Fe3.5Ga1.5O12 synthesizing by the modified method of gel combustion using ethylene glycol
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Magnetic and dielectric properties double perovskite Sr2MnTiO5.87
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The influence of magnetic film anisotropy on the frequency-modulated signal detection
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Adsorption of organic dyes by Fe3O4@c, Fe3O4@[email protected], Fe3O4@SiO2 magnetic nanoparticles
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Competitive effects of substitutions in La1-xSrxMn0.9(MgyGez)0.1O3+g system
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Liquid-crystal composites of carbon nanotubes in a magnetic field:  bridging from the molecular-statistical model to phenomenological theory
D. A. Petrov

Macroscopic helicity of a suspension of chiral magnetic particles based on nematic liquid crystal
D. P. Sokolchik, D. V. Makarov

The role of manganese substitutions of iron cathiones in changes of magnetic and electrical characteristics of BiFe1-xMnxO3 magnetoelectrics (x = 0.05 and 0.15)
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Сontrol of spin wave propagation modes in the yttrium iron garnet waveguide by means of local laser heating
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Magnetic and elastic oscillations in manganese-zinc spinel crystal in the region of spin reorientation
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Growth and electron transport characteristics of epitaxial thin films of strontium iridate
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Pinning of vortices during the passage of turbulent magnetization reversal waves in antidot films with through and non-through holes
V. V. Zverev

Structure and FMR characteristics of magnetic composite films (CoFeB + SiO2)
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Aging effects in critical behavior of Heisenberg anisotropic ultrathin films
M. A. Shlyakhtich, P. V. Prudnikov

Thematic issue “Nuclear physics and elementary particle physics. Nuclear physics technologies”

Features of data processing of the study experiment of proton-proton correlations in the d + 1H → n + p + p reaction
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Dose delivery investigation in total body irradiation with tomotherapy using exit detector data
D. A. Tovmasian, A. A. Loginova, A. V. Nechesnyuk, A. P. Chernyaev