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Volume 85, Issue 7, 2021
Accepted for publication on March 29, 2021

Thematic issue “Phase Transformations and Strength of Crystals”

Methodology and results of studying the states of hydrogen in graphene, graphite, and steels

Yu. S. Nechaev, N. M. Alexandrova, N. A. Shurygina, A. O. Cheretaeva, E. A. Denisov, E. K. Kostikova

Mechanical and thermal physical properties of materials in micro- and nanoscale through the prism of straintronics (a review)

Yu. I. Golovin, D. Yu. Golovin

Correlation between mechanical and thermal physical properties of common pine wood (Pínus sylvéstris L)

Yu. I. Golovin, D. Yu. Golovin, A. A. Samodurov, A. I. Tyurin, D. A. Kabanov

Derivation of Morse pair potentials for nickel and cobalt on the basis of the Gruneisen parameter and the atomic compressibility values rectification

M. Yu. Semenov, I. P. Korolev, V. Arestov

Application of EXAFS- and EELFS-spectroscopy for the analysis of the atomic structure of the bulk and surface regions of the Ti50Ni25Cu25 alloy upon extreme effects by the methods of severe plastic deformation and quenching from the melt

R. V. Sundeev, A. M. Glezer, A. V. Shalimova, A. V. Krivoruchko, A. A. Veligzhanin, V. O. Vakhrushev

The secondary hydrogenation influence the subsystem of defects in the alloy

O. V. Akimova, I. S. Tereshina, R. D. Svetogorov, I. A. Karateev

Effect of electropulse treatment under tensile stress on the properties of rapidly quenched Ti50Ni20Cu30 alloy

A. V. Shelyakov, N. N. Sitnikov, I. A. Zaletova, K. A. Borodako

Surface energy at martensitic phase transition in a microsize sample of Heusler Ni–Mn–Ga–Cu alloy

A. V. Mashirov, A. P. Kamantsev, D. D. Kuznetsov, V. V. Koledov, V. G. Shavrov

Application of laser irradiation of amorphous alloys for the formation of amorphous-nanocrystalline composites

I. E. Permyakova, A. A. Ivanov, A. V. Shelyakov

Effect of laser treatment on the strength characteristics of the γ-phase in alloys of the iron-chromium-nickel system

E. N. Blinova, M. A. Libman, V. N. Petrovskiy, E. V. Pimenov, P. P. Umnov, V. P. Filippova, T. R. Chueva, N. A. Shurygina

Phase transformations at high pressures and temperatures in fullerenes with metal additives

P. A. Borisova, M. S. Blanter, V. V. Brazhkin, S. G. Lyapin, V. P. Filonenko, E. V. Kukueva, O. A. Kondratev

Effect of annealing after deformation by torsion in Bridgman anvils on the structure and properties of technically pure titanium

N. A. Shurygina, A. M. Glezer, D. L. D`yakonov, R. V. Sundeev

Formation of the maximum strength of disperse-hardened crystalline aluminum-based alloys, containing incoherent particles

T. A. Kovalevskaya, O. I. Daneyko

The character of distribution of the shear bands over the volume of the sample of Zr based amorphous alloy when torsion under pressure in Bridgman anvils

I. А. Khriplivets, А. М. Glezer, R. V. Sundeev, Yu. S. Pogozhev, А. I. Bazlov, S. O. Rogachev, А. А. Tomchuk

Stress-strain state of the tube from heterophase alloy subjected to internal pressure in an inhomogeneous temperature field

O. V. Matvienko, O. I. Daneyko, T. A. Kovalevskaya

Influence of the pulsed magnetic field frequency on the aging of Al–Si–Cu–Fe aluminum alloy

J. V. Osinskaya, A. V. Pokoev, S. G. Magamedova

Solid-phase carbide coating on metal strips

V. P. Korzhov

Superconductive multi-layer tape for medical MR-tomographs, manufactured by solid-phase technology

V. P. Korzhov, V. N. Zverev

The phase composition, structure, and properties of electric explosive coating of WC–Ag–N system after electron-beam treatment and nitriding.

D. A. Romanov, V. V. Pochetukha, V. E. Gromov, Yu. F. Ivanov, K. V. Sosnin

Computer simulation of chemical heterogeneity in structural steels obtained by combining rolling with continuous casting (“STRIP-CASTING” technology)

V. P. Filippova, E. N. Blinova, O. P. Zhukov, E. V. Pimenov, A. A. Tomchuk

Study of the deformed state of aluminum single crystals with alternating loading

M. M. Arakelyan