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Volume 85, Issue 3, 2021
Accepted for publication on November 27, 2020

Thematic issue “Physics of Auroral Phenomena”

Simulation of the Earth’s nightglow spectrum for systems of bands emitted at spontaneous transitions between different states of an electronically excited oxygen molecule (accepted for publication on October 28, 2020)

O. V. Antonenko, A. S. Kirillov

Propagation of electromagnetic waves in the region of high latitudes at different conditions of the ionosphere at frequencies of the precision time system “Beta” (accepted for publication on October 28, 2020)

O. I. Akhmetov, I. V. Mingalev, O. V. Mingalev, V. B. Belakhovsky, Z. V. Suvorova

On variations of the cosmic rays flow at the end of the 24th cycle of solar activity

Yu. V. Balabin, A. V. Belov, R. T. Gushchina, V. G. Yanke, I. V. Yankovsky

Investigation of the statistical relationship of coronal mass ejections with solar flares

N. А. Barkhatov, V. G. Vorobjev, S. E. Revunov, Е. А. Revunova

ULF disturbances caused by interplanetary magnetic clouds sheath

О. М. Barkhatova, V. G. Vorobjev, N. А. Barkhatov, S. Е. Revunov

Ion pressure in the precipitation region of dayside low latitude boundary layer

V. G. Vorobjev, O. I. Yagodkina, E. E. Antonova

Longitude geomagnetic effects of the supersubstorms during the magnetic storm on March 09, 2012

I. V. Despirak, A. A. Lubchich, N. G. Kleimenova, L. I. Gromova, S. V. Gromov, L. M. Malysheva

Modeling of vibrational populations of the Herzberg states of molecular oxygen in the Earth’s middle atmosphere during the precipitations of high-energy particles

A. S. Kirillov, R. Werner, V. Guineva

Extracting information about ionosphere-magnetosphere plasma from auroral observations

B. V. Kozelov, A. V. Roldugin

Comparison of shooting method and variational approach for two-point ionospheric ray tracing

D. S. Kotova, I. A. Nosikov, M. V. Klimenko, V. E. Zakharov

Investigation of the lithosphere structure in high-latitude regions of the western arctic continental margin based on the results of experimental works in the project FENICS-2019

V. A. Ljubchich

The modeling of the solar cosmic rays proton fluxes transport through the Earth atmosphere for the GLE42 and GLE44 events

E. A. Maurchev, Yu. V. Balabin, A. V. Germanenko, B. B. Gvozdevsky

Calculation of the ionization during the GLE event with the global Earth atmosphere model and evaluation of the contribution to this process of the galactic cosmic rays particles with Z > 2

E. A. Maurchev, Yu. V. Balabin, A. V. Germanenko, E. A. Mikhalko, B. B. Gvozdevsky

Accounting for violations of local thermodynamic equilibrium in the upper atmosphere in the vibrational bands of carbon dioxide molecules in the radiation block model of the general circulation of the Earth’s atmosphere

I. V. Mingalev, K.G. Orlov, E. A. Fedotova

Localization of the scattering area of the auroral hiss by ground-based multipoint measurements at high latitudes

A. S. Nikitenko, O. M. Lebed, Yu. V. Fedorenko, J. Manninen, N. G. Kleimenova, L. I. Gromova

Proton precipitations and emic waves related to the substorm injection

T. A. Popova, A. G. Demekhov, A. G. Yahnin

Influence of the horizontal wind on the orientation of the cross-field anisotropy of small-scale irregularities in F-region of the middle-latitude ionosphere (on Moscow data)

N. Yu. Romanova

Effects of geomagnetically induced currents on the harmonics in power transformers

V. N. Selivanov, Ya. A. Sakharov

Outer radiation belt formation during geomagnetic storms and adiabatic mechanism of dropouts and increases of relativistic electron fluxes

N. V. Sotnikov, E. E. Antonova, I. L. Ovchinnikov, V. G. Vorobjev, O. I. Yagodkina, M. S. Pulinets

Use of the partial reflection method for determining the mesospheric temperature

S. M. Cherniakov, V. A. Turyansky

The occurrence of phase fluctuations and discrete auroral form and their impact on the GPS positioning errors during the auroral disturbance of September 27, 2019

I. I. Shagimuratiov, M. V. Filatov, I. I. Efishov, I. E.  Zakharenkova, N. Yu. Tepenitsyna

A possible role of cosmo physical factors in rockburst and earthquake occurrence

O. I. Shumilov, E. A. Kasatkina, D. V. Makarov

Pc5/Pi3 geomagnetic pulsations and geomagnetically induced currents

Ya. A. Sakharov, N. V. Yagova, V. A. Pilipenko

Localization of sources of geomagnetic Pc1 pulsations

T. A. Yahnina, A. G. Yahnin, T. Raita, J. Manninen, J. Goldstein