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Volume 86, Issue 4, 2022
Accepted for publication on December 22, 2021

Thematic issue “New Materials and Technologies for Security Systems”

Exchange energy renormalization in quantum Hall ferromagnets with filling factor 1
A. B. Vankov, I. V. Kukushkin

Magnetoexciton condensate in a Hall dielectric: coherent properties
A. V. Gorbunov, V. B. Timofeev

Nonequilibrium Laughlin ensemble of anyon complexes
L. V. Kulik, L. I. Musina, E. I. Belozerov, A. A. Zagitova, V. A. Kuznetsov

Kerr rotation dynamics of a macroscopic spin momentum in a quantum Hall ferromagnet
S. Dickmann

Absorption of microwave radiation by Bernstein magnetoplasmon modes in inhomogeneous two-dimensional electron systems
A. A. Kapustin, S. I. Dorozhkin, I. V. Kukushkin

Artificial anisotropic material to convert linear polarization into circular polarization in millimeter wave range
I. Sh. Bahteev, S. Yu. Molchanov, V. M. Muravev, P. A. Gusikhin

Temperature dependence of circularly polarized emission of chiral injection semiconductor lasers
A. A. Maksimov, E. V. Filatov, I. I. Tartakovskii

An aspect of reflection of frequency selective surfaces with metal screen in millimeter wave range
S. Yu. Molchanov, I. Sh. Bahteev, V. M. Muravev, P. A. Gusikhin

On independent confirmation of local in compressibility of the fractional state ν = 3/2 in time-resolved Kerr rotation experiments
E. Stepanets-Khussein, A. V. Larionov, L. I. Musina, L. V. Kulik

Application of SERS and SEF spectroscopy for detection of fullerene-dye dyads in water and biological structures
N. S. Goryachev, V. I. Kukushkin, A. Y. Belik, A. Y. Rybkin, O. A. Kraevaya, P. A. Troshin, A. I. Kotelnikov

Formation of island SERS-films on the surface of track membranes and silicon substrates
S. I. Serebrennikova, V. I. Kukushkin, O. V. Kristavchuk, E. N. Morozova, A. S. Astrakhantseva, A. N. Nechaev

Influenza virus determination in biological fluids with SERS-based biosensor
G. A. Zhdanov, D. A. Gribanyov, А. S. Gambaryan, V. I. Kukushkin, Е. G. Zavyalova

Comparative analysis giant optical fluctuations in GaAs quantum wells with different width
A. L. Parakhonsky, V. E. Bisti, M. V. Lebedev, A. A. Dremin, I. V. Kukushkin

The mechanisms of carrier polarization in ferromagnetic InGaAs/GaAs/δ-<Mn> heterostructures
S. V. Zaitsev

The stimulated luminescence of Eu ions in strongly scattering nanomaterials Lu2O3:Eu
S. V. Zaitsev

Thematic issue “Nuclear Physics and Elementary Particle Physics. Nuclear Physics Technologies”

Possibility of separating a component with T1/2 = 1 ms in delayed neutrons from 238U-photofission during their registration between beam pulses of electron linac
L. Z. Dzhilavyan, A. M. Lapik, V. G. Nedorezov, V. N. Ponomarev, A. V. Rusakov

Study of dose transmission in a multileaf collimator on a VARIAN HALCYON accelerator
E. N. Lykova, E. P. Morozova, A. F. Petrova, N. V. Gromova, A. P. Chernyaev

Photodisintegration of 206, 207, 208Pb: experimental and evaluated photoneutron reaction cross sections
V. V. Varlamov, A. I. Davydov, V. N. Orlin

New mass evaluation and its implication for the neutron-rich nucleosynthesis product yield
E. V. Vladimirova, M. V. Simonov, V. V. Negrebetskiy, K. A. Stopani, T. Yu. Tretyakova

Issues of measurements at the pulse electron accelerator of the products of reactions 13C(γ, p); 14N(γ, 2p); 14N(γ, 2n) with registration of 12B- and 12N-induced activity
S. S. Belyshev, L. Z. Dzhilavyan, A. M. Lapik

The use of the PSA method in the interpretation of the behavior of curves on the ∆E–E diagrams for telescope of the Si-detectors
M. V. Mordovskoy, I. V. Surkova

Distortions in registration of delayed neutrons from 238U photofission at pulsed electron linac by scintillation spectrometer in Pb-shield
L. Z. Dzhilavyan, A. M. Lapik, L. N. Latysheva, V. N. Ponomarev, A. V. Rusakov, N. M. Sobolevsky

Sensitivity of r-process simulation to choose of the mass model
V. V. Negrebetskiy, M. V. Simonov, E. V. Vladimirova, K. A. Stopani, T. Yu. Tretyakova

Reconstruction and synthesis of spectra of industrial electron accelerators from depth dose distributions
U. A. Bliznyuk, P. Yu. Borschegovskaya, V. S. Ipatova, A. D. Nikitchenko, F. R. Studenikin, A. P. Chernyaev

Thermal neutron background flux variations at Kamchatka (accepted for publication on November 22, 2021)
Yu. V. Stenkin, V. V. Alekseenko, D. A. Kuleshov, K. R. Levochkin, E. O. Makarov, P. P. Firstov, O. B. Shchegolev

Volume 86, Issue 5, 2022
Accepted for publication on January 21, 2022

Thematic issue “Ion-Surface Interactions

On the usage of low-temperature plasma in contact with a liquid to obtain nanostructured iron oxides
A. V. Khlyustova, M. N. Shipko, N. A. Sirotkin, A. V. Agafonov, M. A. Stepovich

The effect of multiple scattering on the accuracy of determining the concentration of hydrogen isotopes using elastic peak electron spectroscopy
V. P. Afanas’ev, L. G. Lobanova

Accumulation of deuterium and helium in W co-deposits formed in He-seeded deuterium plasma
S. A. Krat, E. A. Fefelova, A. S. Prishvitsyn, A. K. Khomyakov, Yu. M. Gasparyan, A. A. Pisarev

Analysis of the results of irradiation of K-208 glass plates with 30 keV protons
R. H. Khasanshin, D. A. Primenko

Application of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy and mass spectrometry for analysis of deuterium retention in titanium films
N. E. Efimov, D. N. Sinelnikov, D. G. Bulgadaryan, Y. M. Gasparyan, E. D. Vovchenko, S. A. Krat

Simulation of thermally stimulated hydrogen desorption from Ti, Zr, Pd, Ni
Hongru Zhang, N. N. Nikitenkov, V. S. Sypchenko, Ma Xiaole, Yu. I. Tyurin

Nanostructuring at oblique angle deposition of cobalt
O. S. Trushin, A. A. Popov, A. N. Pestova, L. A. Mazaletsky, A. A. Akulov, A. A. Lomov

The influence of ion-stimulated diffusion on distribution profile of elements in the “film-substrate” interface
S. V. Tomilin, A. A. Fedorenko, V. N. Berghansky, О. А. Tomilina

Formation of nanoscale matrices of anodized aluminum oxide using the method of electrolyte-plasma processing of aluminum
E. A. Grushevski, N. G. Savinski, V. I. Bachurin, L. A. Mazaletsky

Electrophoretic deposition of nanographite films and their study by methods of structural analysis
D. N. Savelyev, E. A. Grushevski, N. G. Savinski, M. A. Smirnova, L. A. Mazaletsky, V. I. Bachurin, A. B. Churilov

Theoretical study of the probability of negative ionization of hydrogen, deuterium, tritium and muonium on metal surfaces
I. K. Gainullin, E. Yu. Zykova, V. G. Dudnikov

Thematic issue “New in Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

Monte-Carlo simulation of magnetization relaxation in Re–Tb and Re–Gd amorphous alloys
I. M. Pashueva, A. V. Bondarev, I. L. Bataronov

Validity of the single-mode approximation for experimental determination of permeability in strip lines
P. A. Ivanov, S. Y. Bobrovskii, K. N. Rozanov, D. A. Petrov

On the theory of signal conversion in radio-optics of metamaterials
Kh. B. Mirzokulov, A. N. Salakhitdinov, A. N. Yurasov

Influence of the magnetostatic interaction between microvolumes on the formation of the domain structure and processes of magnetization reversal Sm(Co,Fe,Cu,Zr)7.5 type alloy
A. S. Lileev

Effect of a magnetic field on the microwave impedance of composite (FeCoB + SiO2) films
L. N. Kotov, M. P. Lasek, V. S. Vlasov, А. А. Utkin, Yu. E. Kalinin, A. V. Sitnikov, V. V. Temnov

Study of the structure of two-dimensional domain walls under the action of a magnetic field perpendicular to the easy axis
V. S. Semenov

Synthesis of transition metal coatings in the presence of arabinogalactan
S. V. Stolyar, L. A. Chekanova, E. V. Cheremiskina, R. N. Yaroslavtsev, O. P. Taran, V. S. Borovkova, Yu. N. Malyar, D. S. Neznakhin, S. V. Komogortsev, R. S. Iskhakov

Influence of particle size distribution on the optical and magneto-optical properties of (CoFeZr)x(Al2O3)1-x nanocomposites
A. N. Yurasov, M. M. Yashin, E. A. Ganshina, I. V. Gladyshev, V. V. Garshin E. S. Kanazakova

Investigation of nonlinear modes of magnetization in a two-layer ferromagnetic structure
I. E. Abramovski, V. S. Vlasov, D. A. Pleshev, L. N. Kotov, V. I. Shcheglov

Synthesis, magnetic and magneto-optical properties antiferromagnetic ɑ-Fe2O3-rGO nanodisks
A. V. Kurilova, A. E. Sokolov, A. L. Sukhachev, O. S. Ivanova, K. V. Bogdanov, M. A. Baranov, A. Yu. Dubovik

Influence of size effects on the crystalline structure and magnetic properties of cobalt films obtained by chemical deposition
A. V. Chzhan, S. A. Podorozhnyak, S. A. Gromilov, G. S. Patrin, J. M. Moroz

Electrophysical characteristics of the magnetic polymer composites polyvinyl alcohol / Mn-Zn ferrite
V. G. Kostishyn, R. I. Shakirzyanov, I. M. Isaev, V. K. Olitsky, A. R. Kayumova, D. V. Salogub

Study of the yttrium iron garnet film magnetic and elastic subsystems dynamics of the yield film during the magnetic field detection in the amplitude modulation mode
D. A. Pleshev, F. F. Asadullin, I. A. Chuprov, L. N. Kotov, V. S. Vlasov, V. I. Shcheglov

Features of the morphology of hexagonal ferrite particles under various synthesis conditions
A. V. Rybakov, D. Yu. Matveev, A. F. Alykova, O. M. Alykova, V. V. Smirnov

Magnetic anisotropy influence on vibrations dynamics of magnetization vector in magnetic films
V. N. Shaporov, L. N. Kotov, V. S. Vlasov