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Volume 87, Issue 11, 2023
Accepted for publication on July 28, 2023

Thematic issue “Condensed Matter Physics”

Neutron facilities of the compact neutron source DARIA: parameters and features
S. V. Grigoriev, N. A. Kovalenko, K. A. Pavlov, E. V. Moskvin,
V. G. Syromyatnikov, N.A. Grigorуeva

Methods to increase the threshold pulsed magnetic field which causes destruction of a steel inductor under repeated impact
P. A. Russkikh, G. Sh. Boltachev, S. N. Paranin

Capillary constant and surface tension of isobutane–hydrogen solution in temperature range of 298–348 K
V. N. Andbaeva, M. N. Khotienkova

Investigation of semiconductor materials by the thermo-optical method in a magnetic field
A. N. Kotov, A. A. Starostin, V. V. Shangin, S. B. Bobin, A. T. Lonchakov

Thermodynamic crisis during spontaneous boiling-up of superheated n-pentane in a vertical glass tube
M. A. Parshakova, E. B. Lipnyagov

Shear strength of Al-Cu alloy with different types of hardening precipitates: molecular dynamics and continuum modeling
P. A. Bezborodova, V. S. Krasnikov, M. R. Gazizov, A. E. Mayer, V. V. Pogorelko

Ising nematic in J1J2 square-lattice Heisenberg model within self-consistent spin-wave theory
A. N. Ignatenko, V. Yu. Irkhin

Features of the crystal structure of 2D honeycomb frustrated magnet Li2Ni2TeO6
A. E. Susloparova, N. S. Fokin, A. I. Kurbakov

Dielectric and optical properties of gas hydrates and ice: ab initio simulation results
M. B. Yunusov, R. M. Khusnutdinoff

Ab initio calculations of the magnetic anisotropy of Fe/Pt/Fe heterostructures with surface relaxation included
M. Y. Makeev, M. V. Mamonova

High hydrostatic pressure and uniaxial compression as factors of overcoming hard seededness in licorice
N. A. Kruglikov, A. Yu. Belyaev, M. G. Minin, G. A. Yakovlev

Study of electrochemical etching surface of ultrafine-grained nickel with using scanning tunneling microscopy
N. S. Chikunova, A. V. Stolbovsky, S. A. Murzinova, R. M. Falahutdinov,
I. V. Blinov

Glass formation processes in fullerene mixtures
R. R. Khairullina, R. M. Khusnutdinoff

Investigation of pinning properties in second generation HTS tape irradiated by ions with different energy
P. N. Degtyarenko, S. Y. Gavrilkin, A. Y. Tsvetkov, A. V. Ovcharov, A. Y. Degtyarenko

Soft vibrational modes in the Wishart ensemble with unstable bonds
D. A. Conyuh, Ya. M. Beltukov

Simulation of the thermoluminescence isothermal decay curves in Al2O3-BeO ceramics considering the energy distribution of trapping centers
M. F. Gerasimov, S. V. Nikiforov

Study of in-plane anisotropy in a three-layer Co/Cu/Co structure
R. A. Sukhachev, M. V. Mamonova

Basis set superposition error: effects of Boys and Bernardi correction on DFT simulation of hydrogen sorption on low-dimensional carbon nanomaterials
K. V. Alantev, D. V. Babailova, M. V. Kaplun, E. V. Anikina, R. Ahuja

Thematic issue “Modern nanotechnologies and nanophotonics for science and production”

Optical pumping of rubidium isotopes by Cr3+: BeAl2O4 laser radiation
A. A. Antipov, A. G. Putilov, A. E. Shepelev

Simulation of formation processes of noble metal nanocluster systems during deposition from a colloid solution
D. N. Bukharov, A. V. Osipov, A. O. Kucherik, S. M. Arakelian

Study of the microhardness distribution in a coating based on tungsten carbides obtained by laser surfacing on a stainless steel surface
N. S. Dovbysh, D. I. Gavrilov, A. V. Zhdanov, V. V. Morozov

Fluorescent ratiometric thermometers based on dyads of tetraphenylporphyrin and zinc metallated tetraphenylporphyrin
A. V. Povolotskiy, O. S. Smirnova, D. A. Soldatova, D. A. Lukyanov

Investigation of electrophysical and mechanical parameters of piezoceramic materials for cartridge-type deformable mirrors
V. V. Toporovsky, V. V. Samarkin, A. V. Kudryashov, I. V. Galaktionov,
A. Yu. Malykhin, А. A. Panich

The non-Wiener dynamics of an ensemble of identical anharmonic oscillators
M. K. Aleksashin, A. M. Basharov, A. I. Trubilko

Thematic issue “Electromagnetic field and materials (fundamental physical research)”

Magnetic energy of interaction between a synthetic antiferromagnet and a free layer of a spin-tunnel element
O. P. Polyakov, P. A. Polyakov, D. V. Vasilyev, V. V. Amelichev,
S. I. Kasatkin, D. V. Kostyuk, V. S. Shevtsov, E. P. Orlov

Features of magnetic ponderomotive interaction of magnetized to saturation magnetic films with the profile
M. A. Piatakov, M. L. Akimov, P. A. Polyakov

Evolution of the domain structure in a FeNiCo nanowire under the action of a magnetic field
V. S. Shevtsov, T. P. Kaminskaya, O. P. Polyakov, P. A. Polyakov

Some features of electrostatics of uncharged thin-walled cylindrical and conical conductors
V. P. Savin, Yu. A. Koksharov

Modification of the local structure and properties of zinc-substituted hexagonal barium ferrites for microwave devices under magnetic pulsed processing
M. N. Shipko, V. V. Korovushkin, M. A. Stepovich, A. V. Trukhanov

Impact of AgNO3 addition on luminescence of Er3+ ion doped zinc-aluminium-sodium-fluorophosphates (ZANP) glasses
K. Brahmachary, G. Giribabu, Rajesh Dagupati, M. Dhamodhara Naidu

Nanostructured emission current sources in multiwire proportional chambers
A. A. Arkhipov, M. E. Buzoverya, I. A. Karpov, T. A. Konovalova,
G. E. Gavrilov, А. А. Dzyuba, О. E. Maev, M. V. Suyasova

Discharge in a nonhomogeneous gas flow sustained by powerful Novosibirsk free electron laser emission as a point-like source of vacuum ultraviolet radiation
A. V. Sidorov, A. V. Vodopyanov, A. P. Veselov, V. V. Kubarev,
O. A. Shevchenko, Y. I. Gorbachev

Phase control of optical free induction of paramagnetic molecules in a magnetic field
E. N. Chesnokov, V. V. Kubarev, P. V. Koshlyakov, Y. I. Gorbachev

Simulation of acousto-optic deflector of terahertz radiation with a four-sectioned ultrasound transducer
P. A. Nikitin

Volume 87, Issue 12, 2023
Accepted for publication on August 28, 2023

Thematic issue “Nano-optics, Photonics, and Coherent Spectroscopy”

Optothermal traps based on sector diffraction optical elements
S. P. Kotova, N. N. Losevsky, А. М. Mayorova, S. A. Samagin

Three-Airy beams propagated in free space
D. V. Prokopova, E. G. Abramochkin

Waveguide structures and photon splitters fabricated by direct (3+1)D laser writing
D. A. Kolymagin, D. A. Chubich, D. A. Shcherbakov, R. M. Pattia, A. V. Gritsienko, A. V. Pisarenko, I. V. Dushkin, A. G. Vitukhnovskiy

Optical solitons in two coupled waveguides in a planar quadratically nonlinear crystal
А. А. Kalinovich, I. G. Zakharova

Reflective properties of active layered media at second optical harmonic generation
I. G. Zakharova, Т. М. Lysak, A. A. Kalinovich, D. A. Chaykovskii

Few-cycle two-frequency spatiotemporal solitons in the absence of group velocity dispersion at one of the components
K. V. Koshkin, S. V. Sazonov, A. A. Kalinovich, M. V. Komissarova

The effect of crystallization on the Tb3+ emission parameters in a solution of a Terbium(III) complex with tetra-1,3-diketone calix[4]arene
D. V. Lapaev, V. G. Nikiforov, S. N. Sudakova, S. N. Podyachev

Hydrothermal synthesis of upconversion nanoparticles NaYF4:Yb, Er and their functionalization for use as biosensors
E. O. Mityushkin, D. K. Zharkov, A. V. Leontyev, L. A. Nurtdinova, A. G. Shmelev, V. G. Nikiforov

Temperature measurements based on a composite of nanosized phosphors [Ru(dipy)3]2+@SiO2 and NaYF4:Eu,Gd
L. A. Nurtdinova, A. V. Leontyev, D. K. Zharkov, A. G. Shmelev, R. R. Zairov, A. S. Mereshchenko, S. V. Fedorenko, A. R. Mustafina, V. G. Nikiforov

Dependence of temperature sensitivity on the shape of upconversion phosphors NaYF4:Yb, Er
D. K. Zharkov, E. O. Mityushkin, A. V. Leontiev, L. A. Nurtdinova, A. G. Shmelev, N. M. Lyadov, A. V. Pashkevich, A. P. Saiko, O. K. Khasanov, V. G. Nikiforov

NaYbF4:Er luminescence anisotropy in a large ensemble and single nanoparticles
A. G. Shmelev, E. O. Mityushkin, L. A. Nurtdinova, A. V. Leontyev, D. N. Petrov, D. K. Zharkov, V. G. Nikiforov

Propagation of extremely short optical pulses in carbon nanotubes with a random tilt
N. N. Konobeeva, M. B. Belonenko

Current density in a nonlinear medium of carbon nanotubes under the action of diffraction free laser pulses
Yu. V. Dvuzhilova, I. S. Dvuzhilov, N. N. Konobeeva, M. B. Belonenko

Shock electromagnetic waves in carbon nanotubes
S. V. Belibikhin, N. N. Konobeeva, M. B. Belonenko

Simulation of the dynamics of laser beams in an array of carbon nanotubes using the hydrodynamic approach
N. N. Konobeeva, R. R. Trofimov, M. B. Belonenko

Electron paramagnetic resonance impurity dimers [Cu3+ – Cu2+](C2v) in BaF2+:Cu ionic crystal
R. B. Zaripov, V. A. Ulanov, R. I. Kalimullin

Non-resonant absorption of the X-band electromagnetic wave power in a narrow-gap PbS semiconductor at temperatures of 2.6 – 8 K in the range of magnetic fields 0-100 mT
V. A. Ulanov, R. R. Zainullin, A. M. Sinitsyn, A. A. Potapov, V. A. Shustov

Changes in the kinetic characteristics of free charge carriers in a narrow-gap semiconductor Pb1-xGdxTe under the influence of electron paramagnetic resonance processes of Gd3+ ions
V. A. Ulanov, R. R. Zainullin, I. V. Yatsyk, I. I. Fazlizhanov

Control of optical heating of a silicon probe using near-field energy transport by localized surface plasmons
E. A. Izbasarova, A. R. Gazizov, S. S. Kharintsev

Optimization of the random number generator based on InGaAs pi-n photodiode in a homodyne scheme using discrete wavelet analysis
M. E. Sibgatullin, L. R. Gilyazov, D. A. Mavkov, N. M. Arslanov

Study of the free volume distribution in the blend of polyvinyl chloride and polyvinyl butyral using FTIR spectroscopy
D. I. Kamalova, A. D. Zakharova

Raman spectroscopy for the identification of pigments in works of art
E. A. Oleinik, E. P. Kozhina, S. A. Bedin, A. V. Naumov

Study of the geometry and physical characteristics of FeNi nanowires used in ferrofluids
Yu. A. Filippova, A. V. Papugaeva, D. V. Panov, E. P. Kozhina, I. V. Razumovskaya, S. A. Bedin

The effects of e-beam irradiation with doses up to 1 GGy on the properties of titanium foil
P. B. Sergeev, N. P. Kovalets, E. P. Kozhina, S. A. Bedin

Monitoring of the current operating condition and forecasting of the residual life of high-voltage insulators
V. A. Golenishchev-Kutuzov, A. V. Golenishchev-Kutuzov, A. V. Semennikov, R. I. Kalimullin, D. A. Ivanov

Thematic issue “Fundamental problems and applications of physics of atomic nucleus”

Optical model analysis of proton elastic scattering on 7Li nucleus with resonant part
L. N. Generalov, V. A. Zherebtsov, S. M. Selyankina

Optical model analysis of proton elastic scattering on 9Be nucleus with resonant part
L. N. Generalov, V. A. Zherebtsov, S. M. Selyankina

Refinement of the optical potential parameters of proton elastic scattering on 6Li nucleus
L. N. Generalov, V. A. Zherebtsov, S. M. Selyankina

The half-life of 229mTh isomers in acid solution
V. V. Koltsov, T. E. Kuzmina

Problems of description of P-even T-odd asymmetries in nuclear fission reactions with the emission of light particles in the framework of the semiclassical approach
S. G. Kadmensky, D. E. Lyubashevsky

Description of P-even T-odd asymmetries in nuclear fission reactions with the emission of light particles in the framework of the quantum approach
S. G. Kadmensky, D. E. Lyubashevsky

Volume 87, Supplement issue 1, 2023
Accepted for publication on October 6, 2023

Thematic issue “Raman Spectroscopy”

Big-data approach to study laser-induced effects during Raman spectra measurement in Li4Ti5O12
А. A. Nikiforov, D. V. Pelegov   

Diagnostics of xenobiotics in water by Raman spectra
K. A. Laptinskiy, M. Yu. Khmeleva, O. E. Sarmanova, A. M. Vervald, L. S. Utegenova, T. A. Dolenko

Raman spectra of filled ionic solutions xLiClO4-(1–x)(CH3)2SO +R (R=Al2O3, SiO2)
K. Sh. Rabadanov, M. M. Gafurov, M. A. Akhmedov, D. I. Rabadanova

Effect of nanosized oxides on structural and dynamic properties of composites based on LiClO4
Z. Yu. Kubataev, M. M. Gafurov, K. Sh. Rabadanov, A. M. Amirov

Formation of thin films of InSb on pristine and modified Si(111) using solid phase epitaxy
D. L. Goroshko, S. V. Chusovitina, S. A. Dotsenko, O. A. Goroshko, A. V. Gerasimenko

La0.5Sr0.5FeO3-γ ferrite studied by Raman spectroscopy
K. A. Gavrilicheva, O. I. Barkalov, V. D. Sedykh 

Advanced bacterial detection with SERS-active gold- and silver-coated porous silicon nanowires
D. A. Nazarovskaia, P. A. Domnin, O. D. Gyuppenen, I. I. Tsynyaykin, S. A. Ermolaeva, K. A. Gonchar, L. A. Osminkina

Raman gas sensor based on metal-coated capillary cell         
M. A. Kostenko, I. I. Matrosov, A. R. Zaripov, D. V. Petrov    

Effect of strain on the fine structure of exciton states in atomically thin transition metal dichalcogenides
T. V. Shubina, A. I. Galimov, I. A. Eliseyev, M. V. Rakhlin, V. Yu. Davydov, A. A. Toropov           

Exciton structure and recombination dynamics in GaSe crystals
M. V. Rakhlin, E. A. Evropeitsev, I. A. Eliseyev, A. A. Toropov, T. V. Shubina

Brillouin scattering study of gelatin films with different water concentrations
A. V. Laktionova, E. A. Dobrynina, V. A. Zykova, N. V. Surovtsev

Thematic issue “Luminescence and Laser Physics

Interaction of nitrogen dioxide by 222 nm laser
A. V. Puchikin, Yu. N. Panchenko, I. N. Konovalov, M. V. Andreev, V. E. Prokopiev

Scintillation ceramic nanoparticles obtained by Solution combustion synthesis
I. V. Krutikova, K. V. Nefedova

Femtosecond two-photon photopolymerization – creating 3D microstructures for optical applications
А. G. Vitukhnovsky, D. A. Kolymagin, A. V. Gritsienko, I. V. Dushkin, A. V. Pisarenko, A. I. Prokhodtsov, M. I. Danilkin, G. V. Prutskov

Diagnostics of pulsed laser action on wide-gap materials using thermoluminescent dosimetry
N. L. Aluker, A. S. Artamonov, D. R. Nurmukhametov, B. P. Aduev

New formulation of hybrid QM/MM method for studying crystalline and amorphous solids
A. S. Mysovsky, A. I. Bogdanov

Ab initio study of BaF2 crystals doped with La3+ and Lu3+ ions at low pressure
A. S. Myasnikova, A. I. Bogdanov

Creation of light-trapping microstructures on the surface of metals under the influence of nanosecond laser pulses
M. S. Kovalev, I. M. Podlesnykh, G. K. Krasin, A. Yu. Dunaev, S. I. Kudryashov

Stimulated low-frequency scattering of laser radiation in an aqueous suspension of viruses in the frequency range of 1-60 GHz (Accepted for publication on October 18, 2023)
A. F. Bunkin, M. A. Davydov, A. N. Fedorov, S. M. Pershin, M. V. Archipenko, O. V. Karpova

Features of electrical and magnetic properties and Curie point behavior in nanocomposites based on Cd3As2 and MnAs
M. H. Al-Onaizan, A. I. Ril, A. N. Semin, N. A. Yudanov, M. A. Nemirovich, A. T. Morchenko

Ferromagnetic silicides and germanides epitaxial films and multilayered hybrid structures: synthesis, magnetic and transport properties
A. S. Tarasov, A. V. Lukyanenko, I. A. Yakovlev, I. A. Tarasov, I. A. Bondarev, A. L.  Sukhachev, L. V. Shanidze, D. A. Smolyakov, S. N. Varnakov, S. G. Ovchinnikov, N. V. Volkov

New approaches to the modernization of technologies for radiation sterilization of bioimplants
V. V. Rozanov, I. V. Matveychuk, A. P. Chernyaev

Study of the decay of the thorium-229 isomer. Looking for an electron bridge (Accepted for publication on October 18, 2023)
Yu. I. Gusev, F. F. Karpeshin, Yu. N. Novikov, A. V. Popov

Volume 87, Supplement issue 2, 2023
Accepted for publication on October 18, 2023

Thematic issue “Plasma Emission Electronics

Electrophysical installations for electric-discharge technology of crushing materials
A. A. Zherlitsyn, V. M. Alexeenko, E. V. Kumpyak   

Simulation of high current vacuum arc with hybrid cathode attachment
D. L. Shmelev, S. A. Barengolts, I. V. Uimanov

Threshold voltage for electron runaway in a gas diode with a needle cathode
M. I. Yalandin, N. M. Zubarev, O. V. Zubareva

Electron runaway conditions for a gas diode with a cathode in the form of the Taylor cone
M. A. Gashkov, A. V. Kozyrev, L. N. Lobanov, N. S. Semeniuk, M. I. Yalandin, N. M. Zubarev, O. V. Zubareva

Research of adhesive properties of polyethylene films modified by an electron beam
M. A. Mokeev, M. S. Vorobyov, S. Yu. Doroshkevich, M. S. Torba, N. N. Koval, R. A. Kartavtsov    

Numerical analysis of runaway electron beam focusing with a homogeneous longitudinal magnetic field
Yu. I. Mamontov, N. M. Zubarev, I. V. Uimanov

Investigation of changes in the field emission characteristics of the eroded cathode surface after submicrosecond vacuum arc discharges with different current amplitudes
Yu. A. Zemskov, Yu. I. Mamontov, I. V. Uimanov

Density distribution in the surface plasma produced by a skin explosion of a copper cylindrical conductors
N. A. Labetskaya, I. M. Datsko, S. A. Chaikovsky, V. A. Vankevich, V. I. Oreshkin

Effects of a high-intensity electron beam on an antibiotic in aqueous solution
O. N. Tchaikovskaya, E. N. Bocharnikova, V.I. Solomonov, A. S. Makarova, A. N. Orlov, V. V. Osipov, S. A. Chaikovsky

Application of laser radiation for control of RADAN compact pulse generator
A. I. Lipchak, N. B. Volkov, I. S. Turmyshev, E. A. Chingina

Dynamics of the wire discharge anode plasma in an electron source based on ion-electron emission

S. Yu. Doroshkevich, A. A. Grishkov, M. S. Vorobyov, N. N. Koval, M. S. Torba, R. A. Kartavtsov    

Computational modeling and measurement of a waveguide chamber for two photoconductive semiconductor switches
V. V. Barmin, I. V. Romanchenko

Monte Carlo simulation for electron avalanches at high reduced electric field as applied to Townsend discharge current in nitrogen
A. A. Grishkov, Y. D. Korolev, V. A. Shklyaev

Numerical model of a unit gap of LTD switch
V. M. Alexeenko, S. S. Kondratiev, V. A. Sinebryukhov, S. N. Volkov

The energy flux to the substrate in the high-power impulse magnetron sputtering of copper films
V. O. Oskirko, A. N. Zakharov, A. S. Grenadyorov, V. A. Semenov, A. A. Solovyev

Structure and properties of a HfNbTaTiZr cathode and a coating formed through its vacuum arc evaporation
Yu. F. Ivanov, Yu. H. Akhmadeev, N. A. Prokopenko, N. N. Koval, V. V. Shugurov, E. A. Petrikova, O. V. Krysina, O. S. Tolkachev

Mechanism of triggering for the pseudospark switch with a trigger unit based on surface discharge
Y. D. Korolev, N. V. Landl, O. B. Frants, V. G. Geyman, A. V. Bolotov, V. O. Nekhoroshev

Comparative analysis of craters formed on cathode and anode spots of a spark discharge in air on iron electrodes
A. D. Maksimov, E. I. Azarkevich, I. V. Beketov, D. S. Koleukh

Gas discharge device based on a planar magnetron and a plasma ion source
A. P. Semenov, I. A. Semenova, D. B-D. Tsyrenov    

Grid plasma cathodes: history, status, prospects
N. N. Koval, V. N. Devyatkov, M. S. Vorobyov

Electron-ion-plasma equipment for modification of the surface of materials and products
N. N. Koval, Yu. Kh. Akhmadeev, V. V. Denisov, V. V. Shugurov, E. V. Ostroverkhov

Electron source with plasma emitters based on low-pressure arc discharge
R. A. Kartavtsov, M. S. Vorobyov, P. V. Moskvin, V. I. Shin, N. N. Koval, V. V. Shugurov

Reduction of inhomogeneity of the beam current density in the atmosphere in an electron accelerator based on a non-self-sustained HVGD
S. Yu. Doroshkevich, M. S. Vorobyov, A. A. Grishkov, M. S. Torba, N. N. Koval, S. A. Sulakshin, R. A. Kartavtsov

Control of the electron beam density distribution on the collector in sources with a grid plasma cathode based on a low-pressure arc
T. V. Koval, V. I. Shin, M. S. Vorobyov, P. V. Moskvin, V. N. Devyatkov, N. N. Koval

Electron source with a radially converging beam and a multiarc plasma cathode
M. S. Torba, S. Yu. Doroshkevich, M. S. Vorobyov, N. N. Koval, V. V. Ezhov, S. A. Sulakshin, R. A. Kartavtsov

Generation of an electron beam in a source with a plasma emitter in the combined current control mode
V. I. Shin, M. S. Vorobyov, P. V. Moskvin, V. N. Devyatkov, N. N. Koval, M. A. Mokeev

Effect of electron beam source parameters on electron emission from the plasma cathode
V. T. Astrelin        

Formation of positively charged electron beams in the presence of secondary electron emission
V. Ya. Martens


Volume 88, Issue 1, 2024
Accepted for publication

Thematic issue “Wave Phenomena: Physics and Applications

Differentiation of optical signals using an integrated metal-dielectric-metal structure
A. I. Kashapov, E. A. Bezus, D. A. Bykov, L. L. Doskolovich

Research of light diffraction on electrically controlled multiplexed multilayer inhomogeneous holographic diffraction structures photopolymerizing compositions with nematic liquid crystals
S. N. Sharangovich, V. O. Dolgirev, D. S. Rastrygin

Properties of fractal speckle-like structures
О. M. Vоkhnik, P. V. Korolenko, V. I. Mokhov

Optical properties of multiplex vortex structures
A. M. Zotov, P. V. Korolenko, N. N. Pavlov

Fine and rough structure of the frequency spectrum of high-power laser diodes during slow degradation
V. V. Bliznyuk, V. A. Parshin, A. G. Rzhanov, O. I. Semenova, A. E. Tarasov

PT – symmetry and radiation structure of high-power laser diodes
A. G. Rzhanov

Frequency up-conversion of an even coherent state
A. V. Belinsky, R. Singh

On the influence of intrapulse Raman scattering on the dynamics of pulses in a gradient waveguide
V. A. Khalyapin, A. N. Bugay

Non-perturbative theory of atomic systems interaction with intense laser fields
S. Yu. Stremoukhov

Accounting for the energy dispersion of free carriers induced by powerful femtosecond laser radiation in dielectrics
K. V. Lvov, S. Yu. Stremoukhov

Generation of optical-terahertz solitons by a few-cycle laser pulse
А. А. Kalinovich, S. V. Sazonov

On the parametric few-cycle light bullets
K. V. Koshkin, S. V. Sazonov, A. A. Kalinovich, M. V. Komissarova

Formation of quasiunipolar pulses in nonequilibrium magnetized plasma channels
A. V. Bogatskaya, E. A. Volkova, A. M. Popov

Multiphoton ionization in a photonic crystal based on carbon nanotubes under the action of a few cycles optical pulse
Yu. V. Dvuzhilova, I. S. Dvuzhilov, M. B. Belonenko

Electron gun with an auto-emission cathode based on carbon nanotubes for a powerful millimeter-range extended interaction klystron
V. E. Rodyakin, V. N. Aksenov

Investigation of the third harmonic generation in a high-current relativistic Ka-band gyrotron
E. B. Abubakirov, A. N. Denisenko, A. N. Leontyev,
K. V. Mineev, R. M. Rozental

Simulation of electron-optical system for 300 GHz relativistic gyrotron
Yu. Yu. Danilov, A. N. Leontyev, O. P. Plankin,
R. M. Rozental, E. S. Semenov

Characteristics of a distributed location system with an ultra-wideband probing signal
V. V. Kulagin, V. V. Valuev, V. N. Kornienko, V. A. Cherepenin

Broadband rectification of microwave current in magnetic tunnel junctions with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
K. V. Kiseleva, G. A. Kichin, P. N. Skirdkov, K. A. Zvezdin

Phase transitions in rare-earth ferrimagnets with surface anisotropy near the magnetization compensation point
V. V. Yurlov, K. A. Zvezdin, A. K. Zvezdin

Estimation of gas saturated sediments parameters in shallow water using vector receiver
M. A. Ivanov, P. Yu. Mukhanov, А. S. Shurup

Impact of treatment trajectory on the thermal ablation rate and biological tissue volumetric lesion during irradiation by shock-wave focusing ultrasonic beam
P. A. Pestova, P. V. Yuldashev, V. A. Khokhlova, M. M. Karzova

Calculation of fields scattered by inhomogeneous area with a large wave size
D. I. Zotov, O. D. Rumyantseva, А. S. Cherniaev

Use of geometric properties of three invariants in wave problems of hydrodynamics and electrodynamics
V. M. Ovsyannikov

On the threshold value of the vertical vibrations’ amplitude causing Faraday ripples on the charged surface of a viscous liquid
D. F. Belonozhko

Periodic surface disturbances in the concentrationaly stratified viscous fluid
A. A. Ochirov

Dynamics of brain wave rhythms predicts the speed of cognitive tasks
N. A. Brusinsky, A. A. Badarin, A. V. Andreev, V. M. Antipov, S. A. Kurkin

Volume 88, Issue 2, 2024
Accepted for publication

Thematic issue “New Materials and Technologies for Security Systems”

W-band phase shifter on based on metasurface with built-in pin diodes
A. S. Kazakov, P. A. Gusikhin, I. V. Andreev, V. M. Muravev, I. V Kukushkin

Efficiency of sub-THz – DC energy conversion of a silicon detector
A. V. Shchepetilnikov, A. R. Khisameeva, Ya. V. Fedotova,
A. A. Dremin, I. V. Kukushkin

Multimode light generation in an injection semiconductor laser based on a chiral AlAs/(Al,Ga)As/GaAs microcavity
A. A. Maksimov, I. I. Tartakovskii

The Migdal jump under the quantum Hall regime
A. B. Vankov

Optical spectroscopy of an excited Laughlin liquid
L. V. Kulik

Condensates of magnetoexcitations in quantum Hall dielectrics
A. V. Gorbunov, A. V. Larionov, L. V. Kulik, V. B. Timofeev

Electron spin resonance impact on the longitudinal resistance in the quantum Hall regime
V. E. Bisti

Studying the optical properties of assembled silver and gold nanoparticles for the purpose of creating SERS sensors
A. Yu. Subekin, T. E. Pylaev, V. I. Kukushkin, E. V. Rudakova, B. N. Khlebtsov

A study of SERS-active magnetite nanoparticles with a silver shell
D. A. Gribanyov, E. Yu. Postnova, V. N. Orlov, E. G. Zavyalova

Rapid detection of A-type botulinum toxin using an aptasensor and SERS
O. A. Ambartsumyan, A. M. Brovko

Temperature dependences of the magnetic anisotropy constants of single-crystal inclusions MnSb in an InSb matrix
A. I. Dmitriev, A. V. Kochura, A. P. Kuzmenko, Zaw Htet Aung,
V. V. Rodionov, S. F. Marenkin, B. A. Aronzon

Magnetism and magnetic phase transition in nanowires of diamagnetically diluted superstrong magnets ε-In0.04Fe1.96O3
A. I. Dmitriev, M. S. Dmitrieva

Control of the light polarization in ferromagnetic diode structures InGaAs/GaAs/δ-Mn
S. V. Zaitsev

Stark effect in MoSe2 monolayer heterostructure 
A. V. Chernenko, A. S. Brichkin, G. M. Golyshkov

Thematic issue “Wave Phenomena: Physics and Applications”

On the quantum coherent states of microparticle in a viscous medium
S. V. Sazonov

Chemical reactions rates in the TEFIS database on thermophysical properties of dense plasma
O. I. Topor, A. A. Belov, L. V. Borodachev

Precision computation of one-dimensional quadratures
V. S. Khokhlachev, M. A. Tintul, A. A. Belov

Zitterbewegung damping in structures based on Dirac crystals
E. I. Kukhar, S. V. Kryuchkov, N. A. Ivanov

Photon echo on excitons for the development of nanoelectronic devices based on a quantum-size structures in a thin zinc oxide films
I. I. Popov, R. V. Yusupov, A. V. Petrov, A. R. Bessonov, A. M. Gaia, A. V. Frost

Dynamics of the electromagnetic field near the edge of a stripe line during its charging
V. N. Kornienko, V. V. Kulagin

Topological laws of the Rayleigh wave scattering on a statistical inhomogeneity of isotropic solid in the Rayleigh limit
V. N. Chukov

Bragg resonances in the yttrium iron garnet – platinum – yttrium iron garnet layered structure
N. D. Lobanov, O. V. Matveev, M. A. Morozova

Thematic issue “Physics of Cosmic Rays”

Space weather monitoring with a system of ground-based cosmic ray detectors
V. V. Borog, A. N. Dmitrieva, Y. N. Mishutina

Cosmogenic isotopes in the lunar soil: solar activity and nearby Supernova outbreak
G. I. Vasilyev, A. N. Konstantinov, V. M. Ostryakov, A. K. Pavlov, D. A. Frolov

Real-time monitoring of the behavior of the daily anisotropy vector of cosmic rays according to the data of neutron monitors at Yakutsk and Tiksi stations
A. S. Zverev, S. A. Starodubtsev, V. G. Grigoryev, P. Yu. Gololobov

Observations of solar cosmic rays using cubesat nanosatellites
A. V. Bogomolov, V. V. Bogomolov, A. F. Iyudin, V. E. Eremeev,
Yu. K. Zaiko, V. V. Kalegaev, I. N. Myagkova, V. I. Osedlo, O. Yu. Peretyatko, S. I. Svertilov, I. V. Yashin, A. P. Papkov, S. V. Krasnopeev

Long-lived recurrent fluxes of energetic ions from solar coronal holes
M. A. Zeldovich, Yu. I. Logachev

The galactic cosmic ray intensity fluctuations during perturbations of the solar wind in early November 2021
A. S. Zverev, V. G. Grigoryev, P. Yu. Gololobov, S. A. Starodubtsev

Registration of the auroral near-UV emission by the orbital detector TUS
P. A. Klimov, K. F. Sigaeva, V. V. Kalegaev

Determination of the rigity of the geomagnetic cutoff and simulation of the motion of particles in the earth’s magnetosphere
P. A. Kruchinin, V. V. Malakhov, V. S. Golubkov, A. G. Mayorov