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Volume 85, Issue 5, 2021
Accepted for publication on January 27, 2021

Thematic issue “Nuclear Physics and Elementary Particle Physics. Nuclear Physics Technologies”

Modern problems of nuclear and particle physics and their applications (conclusions from the reports of the International Conference “Nucleus-2020”)

A. K. Vlasnikov, V. I. Zherebchevsky, T. V. Lazareva

Lithium-loaded plastic scintillators for thermal neutron detection

I. B. Nemchenok, I. I. Kamnev, E. A. Shevchik, I. A. Suslov

Exclusive structure functions for π0p and π+n electroproduction channels from the data measured with the CLAS detector

A. D. Bulgakov, A. A. Golubenko, M. M. Davydov, E. L. Isupov, B. S. Ishkhanov, V. I. Mokeev, A. G. Nasrtdinov, V. V. Chesnokov

The time parameters of silicon detectors dependent on bias voltage

M. V. Mordovskoy, V. V. Mitcuk, I. V. Surkova

Relativistic mean-field effective nn forces in dynamical modeling of heavy-ion fusion

M. V. Chushnyakova, I. I. Gontchar, N. A. Khmyrova, A. А. Klimochkina

Low threshold-energy ion-chamber system for proton therapy monitoring

S. I. Potashev, S. V. Akulinichev, Yu. M. Burmistrov, A. I. Drachev

Study of ground states of 10,11B, 10,11С nuclei by Feynman’s continual integrals method

V. V. Samarin

A novel algorithm for evaluating the proton, neutron, and charge densities in nuclei: comparison with experimental data

O. M. Sukhareva, M. V. Chushnyakova, I. I. Gontchar, A. A. Klimochkina

Synthesis of magnetized heavy nuclei

V. N. Kondratyev

The phenomenological approach to extrapolation of nuclear binding energies for superheavy elements

M. V. Simonov, E. V. Vladimirova, T. Yu. Tretyakova, B. S. Ishkhanov

Influence of neutron shells on surface tension in nuclei

N. G. Goncharova, A. P. Dolgodvorov

The possibility of extraction of singlet pp-virtual state energy in d + 1H→ p + p + n reaction

E. S. Konobeevski, A. A. Afonin, A. A. Kasparov, V. M. Lebedev, V. V. Mitcuk, M. V. Mordovskoy, A. V. Spassky, S. V. Zuyev

A possibility of determining cluster structure of 6Li excited states in an inelastic scattering of α-particles

A. A. Kasparov, E. S. Konobeevski, S. V. Zuyev, A. A. Afonin, M. V. Mordovskoy, V. V. Mitcuk, V. P. Zavarzina, A. S. Kurlovich

Discrete transforms in quantum chaos

V. E. Bunakov

Silicon pixel detectors for the inner tracking system of MPD experiment at the NICA collider

V. I. Zherebchevsky, V.V. Vechernin, S. N. Igolkin, V. P. Kondratiev, T. V. Lazareva, N. A. Maltsev, D. K. Nauruzbaev, D. G. Nesterov, N. А. Prokofiev, А. R. Rakhmatullina

Studies of the low energy resonances in the 16O+12C system

S. Yu. Torilov, N. A. Maltsev, V. I. Zherebchevsky

Formation of electromagnetic fields in the optical range arising as a result of the interaction of positrons with a medium

F. F. Valiev

On the spectrum of protons in collisions of heavy ions 12С + 9Ве at energies of 0.3‑-2.0 GeV/nucleon in the framework of the hydrodynamic approach

A. T. D’yachenko, I. A. Mitropolsky

Theoretical study of weakly-bound triatomic systems with Faddeev equations in a total orbital momentum representation

V. A. Gradusov, V. A. Roudnev, E. A. Yarevsky, S. L. Yakovlev

Discrete variable representation method in the study of few-body quantum systems with non-zero angular momentum

V. A. Timoshenko, E. A. Yarevsky

Quaternary fission as a virtual process

S. G. Kadmensky, L. V. Titova

6Li(d, xt) reaction total cross sections measurements

L. N. Generalov, S. N. Abramovich

Strategy for development of combined radiation technologies for bone implant sterilization

V. V. Rozanov, I. V. Matveychuk, A. P. Chernyaev, N. A. Nikolaeva, L. N. Savvinova

Thematic issue “Nuclear Physics and Elementary Particle Physics. Nuclear Physics Technologies”
Accepted for publication on November 27, 2020

Method for estimating variations in muon flux intensities based on time series of matrix observations of the URAGAN hodoscope

V. E. Chinkin, V. G. Getmanov, A. D. Gvishiani, I. I. Yashin, A. A. Kovylyaeva

Unusual decrease of the cosmic ray intensity in May 2019 on the background of the minima solar activity

L. A. Trefilova, P. G. Kobelev, A. V. Belov, E. A. Eroshenko, V. A. Oleneva, V. G. Yanke

Study of multiplicity events on a high altitude neutron monitor

Yu. V. Balabin, A. A. Lukovnikova, B. B. Gvozdevsky, A. V. Germanenko, E. A. Mikhalko, I. V. Yankovsky