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Volume 85, Issue 11, 2021
Accepted for publication on July 28, 2021

Thematic issue “Electromagnetic Field and Materials (Fundamental Physical Research)”

Effect of magnetic pulse treatment on the surface state, emission, and magnetic properties of amorphous magnetic alloys

M. N. Shipko, M. A. Stepovich, A. L. Sibirev, A. I. Tikhonov, E. S. Savchenko, T. P. Kaminskaya

Simulation of heating of rotating discs in an electromagnetic field using permanent magnets

A. R. Lepeshkin, A. B. Kuvaldin, O. I. Ilyinskaya, M. А. Fedin, А. О. Кuleshov

Hot core Sun model

F. N. Shakirzianov, P. A. Butyrin, S. A. Abdulkerimov, D. V. Mikheev

Magnetic system creating a highly uniform magnetic field between the poles of bipolar magnet

S. V. Gerus, E. H. Lock, A. Yu. Annenkov

Diffraction of superdirectional beam of surface spin wave through a low-contrast magnon crystal

A. B. Khutieva, A. V. Sadovnikov, A. Yu. Annenkov, S. V. Gerus, E. H. Lock

Ratio of the Poynting vector and the group velocity vector for electromagnetic waves in unbounded ferromagnetic medium

E. H. Lock, A. V. Lugovskoi, S. V. Gerus, A. Yu. Annenkov

Magnetostrictional properties of periodic nanostructures based on CoFe/FeNiCo

D. A. Zhukov, A. I. Krikunov, V. V. Amelichev, D. V. Kostyuk, S. I. Kasatkin

Investigation of the field of stable operation of magnetoresistive memory elements

O. P. Polyakov, S. I. Kasatkin, V. V. Amelichev, P. A. Polyakov

Effect of biaxial anisotropy on the domain structure in ferrite-garnet films with planar anisotropy

G. M. Nikoladze, A. V. Matyunin, P. A. Polyakov

The domain structure of FeNiCo thin films with in-plane anisotropy

V. S. Shevtsov, T. P. Kaminskaya, P. A. Polyakov, S. I. Kasatkin, V. V. Amelichev, V. S. Tahov, A. B. Shevchenko

Interaction of an inhomogeneous permanent magnet consisting of a lattice of magnetically rigid strips with a massive ferromagnetic medium

M. A. Piatakov, M. L. Akimov, P. A. Polyakov

Heat-resistant radio-absorbing material to reduce interference and attenuate resonant phenomena of radio-electronic equipment

V. Yu. Kirillov, P. A. Zhukov, S. Yu. Zhuravlev, M. M. Tomilin

Research of processes in the rotor of a hysteretic electromechanical energy converter

S. Y. Ostanin, I. M. Milyaev, N. S. Zubarev, T. S Latypov, Cui Shumei, Wei Guo, Shaopeng Wu

Investigation of the initial state and starting mode of a hysteretic electromechanical energy converter of a conical structure

I. M. Milyaev, S. Y. Ostanin, N. S. Zubarev, T. S Latypov, Cui Shumei, Wei Guo, Shaopeng Wu

Features and approach to the calculation of the synchronous mode of a hysteretic electromechanical energy converter of a conical structure

V. B. Nikanorov, S. Y. Ostanin, I. M. Milyaev, N. S. Zubarev, T. S. Latypov, Cui Shumei, Wei Guo, Shaopeng Wu

Experimental study of transient processes in a coil-capacitor connected to a sinusoidal voltage source

P. A. Butyrin, G. G. Gusev, F. N. Shakirzianov, D. V. Mikheev, A. A. Kvasniuk, M. V. Karpunina

Monitoring system of acoustic radiation of discharge processes at electric equipment for diagnostics of technical condition of insulators

D. A. Ivanov, M. F. Sadykov, D. A. Yaroslavsky, A. V. Golenishchev-Kutuzov, T. G. Galieva

Analysis of modern methods for assessing air power lines by mechanical parameters of wires (a review)

M. F. Sadykov, D. A. Yaroslavsky, M. P. Goryachev, Van Vu Nguyen, N. K. Andreev, D. A. Ivanov

Thematic issue “Physics of Cosmic Rays”

Investigation of the relationship between the parameters of cosmic ray variations registered on the earth and coronal holes on the Sun

N. V. Osetrova, I. I. Astapov, N. S. Barbashina, A. Yu. Konovalova, V. V. Shutenko

Amplitude and temporal characteristics of the 27-day variations of the galactic cosmic rays’ flux measured with the PAMELA experiment between 2006 and 2016

R. F. Yulbarisov, N. G. Galikyan, A. G. Mayorov, O. A. Golub, V. V. Malakhov, S. A. Rodenko

Energy dependence of main characteristics of Forbush decreases obtained by PAMELA experiment

I. A. Lagoida, V. V. Mikhailov, S. A. Voronov, M. D. Ngobeni

Analysis of rigidity spectra of cosmic ray variations in October 2012

A. A. Lukovnikova

Forbush effect and geomagnetic storm in April 1990

M. V. Kravtsova, S. V. Olemskoy, V. E. Sdobnov

Improvement of the method for studying the distribution of cosmic rays based on data from the network of muon telescopes

P. Yu. Gololobov, A. S. Zverev, V. G. Grigoryev

Search for the optimal points for positioning a portable neutron monitor

Yu. V. Balabin

The compact Geiger counters as an additional tool for verification of the modeling of cosmic rays’ propagation through the Earth’s atmosphere

E. A. Maurchev, Yu. V. Balabin, A. V. Germanenko

Calculator of the rigidity of geomagnetic cutoff of cosmic rays and their trajectories

S. M. Belov, G. I. Zobnin, V. G. Yanke

Assessment of the radiation dose rates due to the space radiation in the atmosphere of the Earth

M. I. Dobynde, S. I. Svertilov, M. I. Panasyuk

Dynamics of behavior of zonal components of the distribution of cosmic rays and Bz-component of the interplanetary magnetic field during geomagnetic storms in the 23 and 24 solar activity cycles

A. S. Zverev, S. A. Starodubtsev, V. G. Grigoryev, P. Yu. Gololobov

Atmospheric effects of energetic electron precipitation

V. S. Makhmutov, G. A. Bazilevskaya, I. А. Mironova, M. Sinnhuber, E. Rozanov, T. Sukhodolov, B. B. Gvozdevsky, N. S. Svirzhevsky

Effects observed in the muon flux during thunderstorms according to the muon hodoscope URAGAN data

A. P. Kachur, I. I. Astapov, N. S. Barbashina, A. A. Kovilyaeva, Yu. B. Pavlyukov, A. A. Petrukhin, N. I. Serebryannik, V. V. Shutenko

Midlatitude night sky glow disturbance under fair weather conditions

N. S.  Khaerdinov, D. D. Dzhappuev, K. Kh. Kanonidi, A. U. Kudzhaev, A. N. Kurenya, A. S. Lidvansky, V. B. Petkov

LVD detector response to earthquakes in central Italy

N. Yu. Agafonova, V. V. Ashikhmin, E. A. Dobrynina, R. I. Enikeev, N. A. Filimonova, A. S. Malgin, O. G. Ryazhskaya, I. R. Shakyrianova, V. F. Yakushev

Variation of charged and neutral components of cosmic rays in the CASLEO seismic region

A. A. Orlov, V. S. Makhmutov, M. V. Philippov, Y. I. Stozhkov, J.-P. Raulin

Variations of cosmic rays before powerful earthquakes

V. V. Borog, S. F. Timashev

Volume 85, Issue 12, 2021
Accepted for publication on August 27, 2021

Thematic issue “Nano-optics, Photonics, and Coherent Spectroscopy”

Directional change of optical, electronic, and elastic characteristics of undoped and doped lithium niobate crystals

V. A. Golenishchev-Kutuzov, A. V. Golenishchev-Kutuzov, R. I. Kalimullin, A. V. Semennikov

Unusual dependence of the shape of the electron paramagnetic resonance spectra lines of Gd3+ ions in a semiconductor Pb1-xGdxS on the microwave power: shape parameters and the possible nature of the effect

V. A. Ulanov, R. R. Zainullin, T. A. H. Housheya, I. V. Yatsyk

Mutual dependence of properties of Mn2+ and Gd3+ impurity ions in a narrow-band semiconductor Pb1-x-y-zCuxMnyGdzS: study using electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy

V. A. Ulanov, R. R. Zainullin, I. V. Yatsyk,T. A. H. Housheya

New radio-absorbing metal composites based on pyrolyzed polyacrylonitrile with the inclusion of transition metal atoms of Ni and Co

I. V. Zaporotskova, L. V. Kozhitov, N. P. Boroznina, O. А. Kakorina, S. V. Boroznin, D. P. Radchenko, M. B. Belonenko

Three-dimensional few-cycle optical pulses in a non-ideal photonic crystal from carbon nanotubes

Yu. V. Dvuzhilova, I. S. Dvuzhilov, M. B. Belonenko

Propagation of ultrashort optical pulses in anisotropic optical media with impurity carbon nanotubes

N. N. Konobeeva, M. B. Belonenko

IR-spectroscopy analysis of supramolecular structure of polyvinylidene-based polymer system

D. I. Kamalova, L. R. Abdrazakova

Locked exciton echo and modulation spectroscopy on localized excitons of an ensemble of nanoparticles with CdSe emitting core

V. V. Samartsev, T. G. Mitrofanova, O. Kh. Khasanov

Wave beams in active periodic structures with quadratic nonlinearity

M. V. Komissarova, I. G. Zakharova, T. M. Lysak, А. А. Kalinovich

Impact of chemical structure on thermo-sensitive luminescent properties of vitrified films based on anisometric europium(III) beta-diketonate complexes

D. V. Lapaev, V. G. Nikiforov, V. S. Lobkov, R. M. Ziyatdinova, A. A. Knyazev, Yu. G. Galyametdinov

Nonradiative relaxation and luminescent properties of up-conversion YVO4: Yb, Er nanoparticles

V. G. Nikiforov

Fiber optical devices based on tapered fibers

O. P. Shindyaev, A. V. Shkalikov

Application of epi-luminescence microscopy technique for visualization and control of luminophore distribution on a developed surface

Е. P. Kozhina, A. I. Arzhanov, K. R. Karimullin, S. A. Bedin, S. N. Andreev, A. V. Naumov

Point agglomeration of nickel and iron nanowires synthesized in the pores of track membranes

N. P. Kovalets, D. V. Panov, Y. A. Filippova, I. V. Razumovskaya

Influence of the silver deposition film on the deformation-strength properties of track membranes

N. P. Kovalets

Quantum approach to contextual query by using photons and Bell tests

S. N. Andrianov, N. S. Andrianova, F. M. Ablayev, A. A. Kalachev, Yu. Yu. Kochneva, A. V. Shkalikov

Reversible nonlinear optical response changes of poled methacrylic co-polymer films

A. G. Shmelev, E. O. Mityshkin, A. I. Gaisin, T. A. Vakhonina, A. Sh. Mukhtarov, A. V. Leontyev, D. K. Zharkov, V. G. Nikiforov, M. Yu. Balakina, V. S. Lobkov

Counter four-wave mixing in transparent suspension of nanoparticles in the Earth’s gravity field

A. D. Remzov, M. V. Savelyev

Optical-terahertz lumps of the system of Yajima – Oikawa – Kadomtsev – Petviashvili

S. V. Sazonov, N. V. Ustinov

On the stability of planar pulses propagating in the tunnel ionization mode

V. A. Khalyapin, A. N. Bugay

The manifestation of gyrotropy of topological media in nonlinear optical processes

A. I. Maimistov

Optical-electronic navigation system of a flexible surgical instrument based on inertial microelectromechanical sensors

A. A.  Rozhentsov, A. A. Baev, M. Halimov, N. N. Mitrakova

Thematic issue “Nuclear Physics and Elementary Particle Physics. Nuclear Physics Technologies”

Study of the short-lived resonance production and reconstruction with the MPD experiment at NICA

D. A. Ivanishchev, D. O. Kotov, M. V. Malaev, V. G. Riabov, Yu. G. Ryabov

Study of the accumulation of gadolinium in glioma tumors of the human brain for gadolinium-neutron capture therapy

G. A. Kulabdullaev, A. A. Kim, G. A. Abdullaeva, G. T. Djurayeva, I. I. Sadikov, B. Kh. Yarmatov, M. I. Salimov, R. T. Kadirbekov, N. R. Kadirbekov, I. R. Mavlyanov

Berry phase and topological sectors

A. S. Sitdikov, N. V. Nikolaeva

Isotope and velocity distributions in projectile fragmentation reactions at Fermi energies

B. Erdemchimeg, A. G. Artukh, S.A Klygin, G. A. Kononenko, Yu. M. Sereda, A. N. Vorontsov, T. I. Mikhailova

Newby shifts in odd-odd transitional nuclei at A~190

T. Krasta, L. Simonova, D. Riekstina

Charged particles emission in fast neutron processes on molybdenum isotopes

C. Oprea, A. I. Oprea

Investigation of competing fission modes of 178Pt formed in 36Ar+142Nd up to high excitation energy

D. Kumar, E. M. Kozulin, G. N. Knyazheva, M. Maiti, I. M. Itkis, A. A. Bogachev, K. V. Novikov, M. Cheralu, T. Banerjee, I. N. Diatlov, N. I. Kozulina, I. V. Pchelintsev, I. V. Vorobiev, A. N. Pan, R. Prajapat, R. Kumar, E. Vardaci, W. H. Trzaska, A. Andreyev, I. M. Harca

Decay dynamics of 221Ac* nucleus formed in 16O- and 12C-induced reactions at above barrier energies

N. Sharma, A. Kaur, M. K. Sharma

Bound states in the continuum in a dielectric ridge on the surface of a one-dimensional photonic crystal

E. A. Bezus

Switchable diffraction gratings based on periodic binary alignment of a nematic liquid crystal

K. G. Kamiak, O. S. Kabanova, I. I. Rushnova, E. A. Melnikova, A. L. Tolstik

Control of the sound reflection from a plane piezo-transducer by selecting its electric load

L. M. Kotelnikova, A. A. Krokhmal, D. A. Nikolaev, S. A. Tsysar, O. A. Sapozhnikov

Simulation of thermal state of parts with ceramic coatings in a high frequency electromagnetic field

A. B. Kuvaldin, A. R. Lepeshkin, O. I. Ilyinskaya, M. А. Fedin, А. О. Кuleshov

Volume 86, Issue 1, 2022
Accepted for publication on September 22, 2021

Thematic issue “Wave Phenomena: Physics and Applications”

Specific features of modes excitation in optical resonators by a tunable laser beam

О. M. Vоkhnik, P. м V. Korolenko, R. Т. Kubanov

Specific features of propagation of wave beams with a fractal structure

A. M. Zotov, P. V. Korolenko, N. N. Pavlov

Effect of cubic nonlinearity on the parametric light bullets’ formation

А. А. Kalinovich, I. G. Zakharova, M. V. Komissarova, S. V. Sazonov

On the analytical approaches describing the dynamics of a beam propagating in the multiphoton ionization mode

V. A. Khalyapin, A. N. Bugay

Research of light diffraction on multilayer non-uniform holographic diffraction structures in photopolymer liquid crystal compositions

S. N. Sharangovich, V. O. Dolgirev

On the possibility of generation of counter propagating orthogonally polarized modes in a periodically poled nonlinear crystal, considering diffraction and the formation of quantum ghost images

A. V. Belinksy, R. Singh

“Tilted” optical-terahertz solitons of the system of Yajima — Oikawa — Kadomtsev — Petviashvili

S. V. Sazonov, N. V. Ustinov

Ionization of impurities by static and alternating electric fields in single-layer carbon nanotubes of the semiconductor type

O. Yu. Babina, S. Yu. Glazov, I. A. Podgornaya

Conductivity of single-layer carbon nanotubes of the semiconductor type, considering the ionization of impurity centers

S. Yu. Glazov, N. E. Mescheryakova, I. A. Podgornaya

3D Mathieu and Bessel pulses in array of impurity carbon nanotubes

M. B. Belonenko, N. N. Konobeeva

3D light bullets in optically anisotropic photonic crystal with carbon nanotubes

Yu. V. Dvuzhilova, I. S. Dvuzhilov, M. B. Belonenko

Determination of the number of generation channels in the simulation of wide-contact laser diodes

A. G. Rzhanov

Influence of surface layers and contact grid of a silicon solar cell on the photo-electromotive force distribution over the p-n junction area under local illumination

O. G. Koshelev, T. N. Kost, A. B. Chebotareva

Diffraction of a monopolar electromagnetic pulse on an ideally conducting tape

V. N. Kornienko, V. V. Kulagin

Features of the hollow electron beams bunching in high-power klystrons

V. E. Rodyakin, V. N. Aksenov

Spectral-polarization acousto-optic filtering of infrared radiation in mercury bromide crystal

E. A. Dyakonov, D. L. Porokhovnichenko

Acoustic location based on triple correlation method

А. I. Korolkov, K. S. Kniazeva, А. S. Shurup

Acoustic visualization of damage to the structure of carbon fiber plastics during mechanical processing

Y. S. Petronyuk, T. B. Ryzhova, V. M. Levin

Spectral analysis of parallel seismic method data for surveying underground structures

D. V. Shmurak, A. A. Churkin, I. N. Lozovsky, R. A. Zhostkov

Correction of acoustic tomography data in case of non-ideal arrangement of transmitters and receivers

D. I. Zotov, O. D. Rumyantseva

The reconstruction of dynamic change of object temperature by acoustic thermo-tomography methods

S. A. Yurchenko, K. V. Dmitriev

Correlation processing of anisotropic acoustic noise present in an ice-covered reservoir

K. V. Dmitriev

Influence of the atmospheric temperature on the formation of autumn thermal bar

N. S. Blokhina, V. A. Borzykh

Identification of individual features of brain activity under cognitive load using recurrent analysis of EEG data

E. P. Emelyanova, A. O. Selskii, M. O. Zhuravlev, A. E. Runnova, K. S. Samatova