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Volume 84, Issue 12, 2020
Accepted for publication on August 26, 2020

Thematic issue “Nano-optics, Photonics and Coherent Spectroscopy”

Nano-optics of the thin film laser-induced topological structures on a solid surface: fundamental phenomena and their applications

S. N. Bagayev, S. M. Arakelian, A. O. Kucherik, D. N. Bukharov, O. Ya. Butkovsky

YVO4: Yb, Er upconversion nanoparticles for biovisualization: biocompatibility probe in grape snails

A. G. Shmelev, V. G. Nikiforov, D. K. Zharkov, V. V. Andrianov, L. N. Muranova, A. V. Leontyev, Kh. L. Gainutdinov, V. S. Lobkov, M. H. Alkahtani, P. R. Hemmer

Dependence of operational characteristics of a luminescent temperature probe based on a vitrified film of an europium(III) β-diketonate complex on fixing technology

D. V. Lapaev, V. G. Nikiforov, V. S. Lobkov, R. M. Ziyatdinova, A. A. Knyazev, Yu. G. Galyametdinov

Self-similar optical pulses in media with quadratic nonlinearity and absorption

А. А. Kalinovich, I. G. Zakharova, M. V. Komissarova, T. M. Lysak

The oscillating motion of exciton-polaritons in anisotropic microcavities

I. E. Sedova, E. S. Sedov, S. M. Arakelian, A. V. Kavokin

The magic isomer of the Au20 nanocluster: topological models and control of optical characteristics

T. A. Khudaberganov, P. P. Khudobin, S. M. Arakelian

Study of local fields of dendrite nanostructures in hot spots formed on SERS-active substrates made by template-assisted synthesis

E. P. Kozhina, S. N. Andreev, V. P. Tarakanov, S. A. Bedin, I. M. Doludenko, A. V. Naumov

Stimulated exciton induction under continuous laser excitation of the ensemble of semiconductor quantum dots

V. V. Samartsev, T. G. Mitrofanova, O. Kh. Khasanov

FTIR spectroscopy in the study of conformational transitions of poly(vinylidene fluoride)

D. I. Kamalova, L. R. Abdrazakova

Optical microphone based on tapered fiber

S. N. Andrianov, J. Y. Kochneva, A. A. Kalachev, O. P. Shindyaev, A. V. Shkalikov

Influence of a magnetic field on the evolution of extremely short optical pulses under conditions of nonlinear absorption and pumping

M. B. Belonenko, N. N. Konobeeva

Non-diffraction Mathieu pulses in the environment of carbon nanotubes, in the conditions of an optical resonator

Yu. V. Dvuzhilova, A. M. Belonenko, I. S. Dvuzhilov, M. B. Belonenko

Influence of synthesis conditions on luminescent properties of upconversion YVO4: Yb, Er nanoparticles

D. K. Zharkov, A. G. Shmelev, A. V. Leontyev, V. G. Nikiforov, V. S. Lobkov, N. V. Kurbatova, M. H. Alkahtani, P. R. Hemmer

Photoinduced resistance features in Ba0.8Sr0.2TiO3/LaMnO3 heterostructure

A. V. Leontyev, D. K. Zharkov, D. P. Pavlov, R. F. Mamin

Local deformation structure around Nb5+ and Fe2+ ions in Fe:LiNbO3 crystals

V. A. Golenishchev-Kutuzov, A. V. Golenishchev-Kutuzov, R. I. Kalimullin, A. V. Semennikov, V. A. Ulanov

Approaches to constructing a neural network for binary classification of X-ray images

R. Sh. Minyazev, A. A. Rumyantsev, A. A. Baev, T. D. Baeva

Remote measured diagnostic parameters allowing to evaluate the residual resource of high voltage insulators

A. V. Golenischev-Kutuzov, D. A. Ivanov, R. I. Kalimullin, A. V. Semennikov

Active femto and nanoobjects, solar and interstellar winds in anisotropic models

V. S. Abramov

Thematic issue “Fundamental Problems of Nuclear Physics, Nuclei at Borders of Nucleon Stability, High Technologies”

6, 7Li+d reaction cross sections measurements

L. N. Generalov, O. P. Vikhlyantsev, I. A. Karpov, A. V. Kuryakin, A. D. Tumkin, S. V. Fil’chagin, D. A. Fedotov

Calculation of fragment angular distribution in under threshold fission of 234U by neutrons

M. S. Onegin

The Bohr-Weisskopf effect in the atomic spectra of heavy ions of 209Bi

F. F. Karpeshin, M. B. Trzhaskovskaya

K*(892) meson measurements in Cu+Au collisions at 200 GeV

Ya. A. Berdnikov, A. Ya. Berdnikov, D. O.  Kotov, Yu. M. Mitrankov, V. S. Borisov

Phi meson measurements in p+Au and He+Au collisions at 200 GeV

Ya. A. Berdnikov, A. Ya. Berdnikov, D. O.  Kotov, Yu. M. Mitrankov, D. M. Larionova, M. M. Larionova

About modeling of natU+232Th neutron source based on the d+t neutron generator

J. Khushvaktov, B. Yuldashev, S. Artemov, M. Kayumov, G. Kulabdullaev, A. Karakhodjaev, E. Bozorov, G. Abdullaeva, O. Tojiboev, V. Tatarchuk, F. Ergashev, E. Ruziev

Nuclear temperature and its dependence on target mass in low energy fission

M. N. Andronenko, L. N. Andronenko, W. Neubert

Investigation of formation of residual nuclei from 209Bi by reactions with 660 MeV protons and comparison with MCNP simulation results

E. Melyan,  K. Katovský, A. Balabekyan

Pöschl-Teller potential for γ-unstable and γ-stable nuclei

A. Ait Ben Hammou, M. Chabab, A. El Batoul, A. Lahbas, M. Hamzavi, I. Moumene, M. Oulne

Matter density in a simple core-plus-particle model

S. Mishev, V. V. Voronov

The relevance of deformation effects in decay modes of radioactive nucleus 242Cm

Kanishka Sharma, Manoj K. Sharma

Thematic issue “Relaxation Phenomena in Solids”

Reversible dependence of the dielectric permittivity in (1–x)Ba0.95Pb0.05TiO3+xCo2O3 ferroelectric ceramics

A. I. Burkhanov, R. V. Dikov, K. Bormanis

Thermal relaxation processes in a viscoelastic medium under exposure to ultrasonic waves

A. N. Rybyanets, S. A. Shcherbinin, I. A. Shvetsov, D. I. Makarev

Dielectric properties of ferroelectric nanocomposites C6H16NBr/Al2O3

A. Yu. Milinskiy, S. V. Baryshnikov, E. V. Charnaya, I. V. Egorova

Modeling of relaxation processes in birchwood after pulse magnetic field processing

N. S. Kamalova, V. V. Postnikov, V. V. Saushkin

Kinetics of orientation and adsorption processes in polymer adhesive materials

A. V. Maximov, O. G. Maksimova, S. V. Osipov

Interference amplification of evanescent waves in a layered structure with participation of hyperbolic medium

A. S. Tarasenko, S. V. Tarasenko, O. S. Suhorukova, V. G. Shavrov

Volume 85, Issue 1, 2021
Accepted for publication on September 28, 2020

Thematic issue “Wave Phenomena in Inhomogeneous Media”

Linear and nonlinear phenomena in a flow of surface plasmon-polaritons

I. V. Dzedolik

Interaction of light with transmission multi-layered heterogeneous photopolymer holographic diffraction structures

S. N. Sharangovich, D. I. Dudnik

Investigation of the dynamics of the propagation of the intense pulses in photonic-crystal fiber

V. A. Khalyapin, A. N. Bugay

Optical vortices in quadratic-nonlinear media with nonlinear absorption

B. S. Bryantsev, А. А. Kalinovich, I. G. Zakharova

Magneto-optical control of radiation in photonic-crystal structures at excitation of surface modes

P. V. Golovko, D. O. Ignatyeva, A. N. Kalish, V. I. Belotelov

Interband absorption of light in a superlattice consisting of alternating strips of single-layer and bilayer graphene

P. V. Badikova, D. V. Zav’yalov, V. I. Konchenkov, S. V. Kryuchkov

Mathematical modeling of the source of formation of ghost images in the form of a PPNC crystal: quantum polarization characteristics considering diffraction

A. V. Belinksy, R. Singh

Verification of micro field models on spectra of dense laser plasma

A. A. Belov, N. N. Kalitkin

Asymptotic expansion of the solution of the electromagnetic theory problems of diffraction on objects with conical points

A. N. Bogolyubov, I. E. Mogilevsky, V. V. Rovenko

Non-stationary diffraction of TM-polarized unipolar pulse on perfectly conducting cylinder

V. N. Kornienko, V. V. Kulagin

Features of the complex representation of diffractal wave structures

P. V. Korolenko, R. T. Kubanov, A. Yu. Mishin

Metamorphoses of dendritic structures

A. V. Kosyrev, P. V. Korolenko, Yu. V. Ryzhikova

The decrease in the photosensitivity contrast of inhomogeneous n+ – p(n) – p+silicon structures, measured by lighting the entire surface pn junction

O. G. Koshelev

Metal – insulator – metal structures modeling for terahertz radiation detection

K. T. C. Vu, G. M. Kazaryan, V. L. Savvin

Formation of broadband microwave signals and multichannel frequency conversion using a microwave photonics generator of a reference frequency net

V. V. Kulagin, V. V. Valuev, S. M. Kontorov, D. A. Prokhorov, V. A. Cherepenin

About the theory of a hybrid photo-TWT and an amplifier with complex permittivity

А. А. Funtov

Electron gun for a hollow beam of W-band high power extended interaction klystron

V. E. Rodyakin, V. M. Pikunov, V. N. Aksenov

The relations of phases and amplitudes of multipole components of the acoustic field scattered by discrete inhomogeneities

K. V. Dmitriev

Investigation of frequency dependences for phase velocity of longitudinal acoustic waves in porous carbon fiber plastic composites using broadband acoustic spectroscopy with a laser ultrasound source

Yu. G. Sokolovskaya, N. B. Podymova, A. A. Karabutov

Features of the flow of an adverse pressure gradient boundary layer

O. N. Melnikova, K. V. Pokazeev, H. Yang

Measurement of the speed of sound in tissues of embryos of teleost fish

S. A. Titov, A. B. Burlakov, P. V. Zinin, A. N. Bogachenkov

The use of recurrent analysis to highlight individual characteristics of the human brain EEG

А. О. Selskii, М. О. Zhuravlev, А. Е. Runnova, Е. P. Emelyanova