14/09/2022 New Open Access paper

New Open Access paper is published in Issue 8 (August 2022):

V. I. Zherebchevsky, N. A. Maltsev, D. G. Nesterov, S. N. Belokurova, V. V. Vechernin, S. N. Igolkin, V. P. Kondratiev, T. V. Lazareva, N. A. Prokofiev, A. R. Rakhmatullina & G. A. Feofilov, New Technologies for the Vertex Detectors in the NICA Collider Experiments // Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics. 2022. V. 86, No. 8. P. 948–955.

A review is presented of the latest technologies for vertex detectors that can be used in experiments at the NICA collider. These technologies include both the novel pixel detectors with new ultralight radiation-transparent carbon composite structures and cooling systems. The efficiency of reconstructing D-meson decay is estimated for the developed detector complexes, and the possibility of using these complexes to study the formation of clusters of cold, dense quark-gluon matter inside nuclei are studied. The study was performed at St. Petersburg State University.

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