19/09/2022 New Open Access paper

New Open Access paper is published in Issue 9 (September 2022):

E. H. Lokk, S. V. Gerus, A. Yu. Annenkov & A. V. Lugovskoi, Undistorted Transmission of a Useful Signal by Surface Spin Waves in a Metal–Ferrite–Dielectric–Metal Structure // Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics. 2022. V. 86, No. 9. P. 1023–1025.

A study is performed of the characteristics of a surface spin wave propagating perpendicular to the direction of a uniform magnetic field in a tangentially magnetized plane-parallel metal–ferrite–dielectric–metal structure. It is established that at certain parameters of the structure, quasilinear portions appear in the dispersion dependence of this wave which can ensure the undistorted transmission of a useful signal modulating the surface spin wave. The study was performed at Fryazino Branch of the Kotelnikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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