17/07/2023 New Open Access paper

New Open Access paper is published in Issue 3 (March 2023):

A. G. Badelin, I. M. Derzhavin, V. K. Karpasyuk & S. Kh. Estemirova, Competitive Effects of Substitutions in the La1−xSrxMn0.9(MgyGez)0.1O3+γ System, Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics, volume 87, issue 3, pages 343–347 (2023).

Structural, magnetic, and electrical characteristics of La1 − xSrxMn0.90(Mg0.5Ge0.5)0.10O3 + γ (0.15 < x < 0.30, γ = 0, γ > 0) and La0.91Sr0.09Mn0.90Mg0.10O3, La0.71Sr0.29Mn0.90Ge0.10O3 manganites are investigated and compared. A comparison of the properties of manganites with identical total concentrations of substituents for manganese and equivalent concentrations of Mn4+ and Mn3+ ions reveals several competing effects caused by Sr2+(4p6), Mg2+(2p6), Ge4+(3d10) ions and oxygen.

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